Touring the Rosé Mansion

Manhattan, New York
United States

On July 20, myself and other Her Campus writers got the opportunity to attend the Rosé Soiree, a networking event hosted by Her Campus and Bumble. This event took place at the Rosé Mansion. All attendees got to enjoy a tour of the mansion, which included Rosé tasting-for guests 21 and over-and a lesson on how Rosé is made. This tour made an educational lesson into a memorable and fun experience for all who attended. 

Each room in the mansion was focused on a specific aspect of the creation and history of Rosé. The rooms also included their own interactive stations that kept guests engaged on the tour. The first room focused on the grapes and how they are picked to go into Rosé. The interactive part of this room was that you got a sticker sheet of the different grapes that make up Rosé, and got to place your stickers anywhere on the wall or furniture of the room. In the second room, guests were shown how Rosé comes from all over the world. A highlight of the room was that guests got to stick a push pin into the area of the map that they are from; showing that the guests, like the grapes, are from all around the globe.

The third room focused specifically on sweet Rosé; the best part of this room was that it incorporated the most popular sweet Rosés into a scratch-and-sniff wall. Each scent had cute labels to describe the scent such as Katy Perry’s Favorite Chapstick and Mets *And* Yankees All-Star Darryl’s Last Name. The fourth room shows guests how Rosé is made. In this room, there was a blending lab that was able to create for the guests their own personalized Rosé. The final room showed guests the history of Rosé, explaining to guests that Rosé has a long history of being used in celebrations, such as in ancient Rome. Every room in the mansion had amazing décor that made for great Instagram pictures. From a bathtub full of rose petals to chandelier you can actually swing on, the amount of pictures you can take is endless. 

My tour of the Rosé mansion was definitely unlike any other tour I have taken before. I got to learn something that I had no knowledge of before, as well as getting a lot of great pictures along the way. While this experience was great, the best part was meeting the other Her Campus writers who were there. We all bonded over our writing and our love for the organization. I would never have been able to have this experience without Her Campus and Bumble, so I have to thank them for hosting this amazing networking event.