Top 10 Best SNL Sketches

Everyone has their comfort Saturday Night Live skit that they can always turn to for a laugh then they need it. I’ve seen countless iconic sketches over the years with many of my favorite celebrities in them, and have compiled a list of my top 10 favorite SNL sketches. 

  1. 1. "Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals"

    This is my favorite SNL skit of all time. I love both Andy Samberg and Mark Wahlberg, and Andy’s impression of Mark is spot-on. To me it is the most random yet hysterical skit ever, and I think about it every time I watch a Mark Wahlberg movie.

  2. 2. "Dear Sister"

    A timeless classic based on one of my favorite shows, The O.C. (which Andy Samberg also loves, so, yeah, we're soulmates).


  3. 3. "Stu"

    If you know me, you know my favorite actor is Jason Bateman. I absolutely loved seeing him on screen with Pete Davidson in this iconic sketch where Pete imitates Eminem and Jason plays Santa Claus.


  4. 4. "Pool Boy"

    This sketch is very personal to me because one of the lines spoken by Pete Davidson’s character Chad is “Who’s Melanie?”

  5. 5. Rap Roundtable

    The “Yeet, Skrt” song from this sketch was stuck in my head for weeks after I first heard it, but I'm not complaining- it was hilarious.

  6. 6. "Dionne Warwick Talk Show"

    The best part of this skit was seeing Pete Davidson impersonate his best friend Colson Baker, aka Machine Gun Kelly. The host’s scared reaction to his name made me laugh so hard.

  7. 7. "CPR Class"

    No joke, I watched this on the day I took my CPR test in health class senior year. Another one of my favorite Andy Samberg skits.


  8. 8. "Earthquake News Report"

    Although this skit is inappropriate, I couldn’t help but get emotional seeing Pete Davidson dressed as a firefighter like his late dad was. I also thought the names were very creative and appealed to my dark humor.

  9. 9. "A New Kyle"

    The only reason I really liked this skit was because Kid Cudi and Pete Davidson are both in it. I won’t go into too much of a tangent here but I know how much Pete loves Cudi and it made me so happy to see them work together because they both changed my life (Pete and I both have Kid Cudi tattoos).

  10. 10. Literally every one of The Lonely Island’s digital shorts

    “Threw It on The Ground",“Lazy Sunday”, and “Andy Walking” are some of my *clean* favorites, but I could not pick just one That would be impossible. I am proud of the fact that this trio of comedic geniuses was one of the top artists on my Spotify Wrapped for 2020. I even listen to their music at the gym.


There are so many more skits that did not make the list and it was definitely very difficult to narrow it down to ten. Please do yourself a favor and watch some of these if you haven’t already. I’m so excited for the new sketches that are to come in the future. As cliche as it sounds, it really is true that laughter is the best medicine.