Three TV Shows that will Make You Laugh and Cry at the Same Time

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1) This is Us  If you have never heard of this show, now is the time to start binge watching. This is Us is a rollercoaster of emotions that is sure to give you the feels. Be sure to grab a tissue box and get ready to let the tears flow. 


2) New Girl  This show is light hearted and guarantees a laugh (or two) every time you watch. Although New Girl is mostly comedy, it definitely has its moments that will make you choke up, especially during scenes between Schmidt and Cece! 


3) Jane the Virgin  Don’t even get me started. Jane the Virgin is the perfect mixture, it will have you crying one minute and laughing hysterically the next. Emotions definitely run high in this show and sometimes you cannot help but feel like YOU are Jane. When she cries, you cry with her. 

If haven’t seen any of these shows, you’re missing out! I suggest you clear your weekend, grab the tissues and let the tears flow! Now, get watching!