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The Most Important Article You Will Ever Read

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

Every day I wake up and thank the universe for blessing our planet for chicken fingers. No matter how old I am, chicken fingers will be the best meal to ever exist on this planet. I do not care if I am 19 years old, I will always consider ordering this masterpiece. It’s just too good. However, as an avid consumer of this delectable meal; there are obviously requirements that need to be met. Yes, everyone can make chicken tenders and fries but not everyone can make good chicken tenders and fries. So instead of studying for finals, I am going to explain why chicken fingers are the best food. I would also like to shoutout @chickentenderbaddie on TikTok for the inspiration.

They are not just for children

I am not here for the chicken tender slander. Why is it that society has decided that this is a meal for kids? I think that we need to change this societal norm. I feel like everyone enjoys chicken tenders, so why hide it?

They have always been there for you and will be there for you

There are very few meals that has been consistently around since you were a child. Chicken tenders are dependable. They are reliable. No matter what you can always rely on this meal. It provides comfort and happiness. When its 2am and you’re hungry, there is probably a restaurant that is open and selling chicken fingers.

They are nostalgic

Who doesn’t love to feel nostalgic? Personally, I love to eat some chicken tenders and watch a silly goofy movie. It’s such a great feeling and makes me extremely happy. I recommend everyone tries this if you already haven’t.

They come in all shapes and sizes and taste great with any sauce

Whether it is a nugget or a tender, even a breast; chicken tenders have range. It does not matter how they look; they are just going to taste great. Ketchup, Ranch, Honey Mustard, BBQ, Sweet n’ Sour (the best one), you name it, it probably tastes great with chicken tenders.

Chicken Tenders are truly amazing. They are a one-of-a-kind meal and are unmatched when compared to others. Personally, I think Dairy Queen has the best chicken tenders. I know, I would not expect DQ to have such great taste. However, hear me out! They are perfectly breaded, the fries are bomb, and it comes with a couple pieces of perfectly buttered toast?!? DQ ate and left no crumbs. If you have not tried DQ Chicken tenders, please do know. If you haven’t had chicken tenders in a while, please have some. You won’t regret it!

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