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The Essential Guide to Christmas in New York

The holiday season is upon us, and there is nothing more magical than Christmas time in New York City.  Deciding the best way to celebrate the holidays can be difficult, so who better to tell you about the holiday scene in the city than someone who moved here literally three months ago?

A fun winter activity is going to Rockefeller Center to ice skate and then deciding that you don’t want to wait hours just so a bunch of strangers can watch you fall in the most embarrassing way possible. If the great outdoors isn’t your thing, I recommend finding true love at The Strand. For anyone who has watched Dash and Lily on Netflix, you know that The Strand is a romantic indie bookstore that definitely no one knows about. It is a secluded little hideout, that takes you away from the bustling streets of New York, and it’s just chock full of hot singles who like to read and are miraculously able to afford 3 bedroom apartments in The Village on their barista salary. 

For a sweet treat, grab a cup of New York’s best hot chocolate from Dunkin’ and pay homage to the state motto, “America Runs on Dunkin’.” When you’ve finished enjoying your traditional New York City beverage, hit up FAO Schwarz for some shopping, it’s just about the best thing you can do in this political climate. Why you ask? This famous toy store on a Saturday afternoon is the ultimate form of birth control, and they accept your insurance! Being sneezed on, grabbed, and screamed at by a hoard of other people’s toddlers will make you want to be a spinster for the rest of your life. 

If you need an Instagram pic that will make your middle school bully jealous, take aesthetic pictures in front of the Rockefeller Christmas tree in your super cute outfit that will be covered by your winter coat and the crowds of people who had the same idea as you. After you fail to get a good picture, no matter how many times you yell at your boyfriend to “get it in .5!,”  head on over to Times Square for a classy and cozy holiday meal at New York’s historic Margaritaville. Just like Grandma used to do!  If you need a breath of fresh air, go for a walk in the Central Park snow. Oh, wait did I say snow? Sorry, I meant to go for a walk in the 70-degree weather that we’ve been having on and off in the Northeastern U.S. this November.  

While all these are great ways to spend your winter days, the number one classic Christmas outing is, of course, seeing The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center! This one is especially for fellow college students because we all have $400 laying around that we don’t know what to do with. With the most sincerity, I hope this NYC Christmas guide was helpful. Happy holidays to everyone and enjoy the season. 

Hi! My name is Emilia, I am a First year Communication and Media Studies major at Pace University.