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I have been a loyal member of the 5SOS fam since 2013, and I have loved watching the band grow and evolve over the past 10 years. Their discography is truly underrated and I believe these songs are underrated yet some of their best.

lost in reality

The She’s Kinda Hot – EP is so underrated. I truly miss this era of pop punk 5SOS, and this is still one of my favorite songs ever.

Over and Out

This one is for you Piper. Once again a song from the She’s Kinda Hot – EP that got neglected!


If you’re a loyal 5SOS stan you’re probably saying “Alysa this just came out?”. You are correct, but the way this got absolutely neglected by everyone… makes me angry, frustrated, and sad. I am so glad I get to enjoy this on the Take My Hand tour.

Lost Boy

This song is for all my people who attended the Take Me Home tour. This song made me into a 5SOS stan and made me fall in love with Ashton Irwin. I truly love it and am forever grateful for it. If you are curious, this is the exact performance that made me fall in love.

If You Don’t Know

I have had this song download on my iPhone since 2014. In-fact I learned how to use MP3 converters simply so I could listen to this as it was exclusive to the non-US Don’t Stop – EP. I honestly could write a whole article about this song, but it is just incredibly special to me and Calum sounds amazing on this. This song feels like a religious experience.

Just Saying

This one is for my Ashton army. This is one of my favorites simply because of how much Ashton is on it. From the drums to him getting a full solo, this song makes me want to be in a mosh pit. If anyone in 5SOS or their team sees this, let Ashton sing again you fools!

Red Desert

The opening song to 2020’s CALM is one of the best 5SOS songs ever produced. This song should have been the opener for the Take My Hand Tour. While the entire CALM album is sadly underrated, “Red Desert” is a refreshing and always a good listen.

Outer Space / Carry On

This is one of the most beautiful closings to an album. I remember seeing this live at the Sounds Live Feels Live tour and feeling just so complete and joyous. Both songs are just so beautiful to me.


Another gem on the Sounds Good Feels Good album. This song is a tear-jerker and it makes me want to give all of them a hug.

English love affair

Lets end this on a banger. This I believe is in their top 5 songs of all time. Upon its original release it was exclusive to the 5 Seconds of Summer album in the UK only which was a crime. The bass and drums in the beginning make me feral. I will always be an “English Love Affair” supporter. Thank you Ashton Irwin for this song!

Honorable mentions:


“Tomorrow Never Dies”

“Close As Strangers”

“Never Be”

“Broken Home”

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