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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

Attending college classes through Zoom, well, let’s be honest: sucks. Spending weeks secluded inside a cramped college dorm room just inches from roommates is no way to enjoy the university experience. While there may be no way to extinguish COVID-19 and return to pre-pandemic normalcy, there are ways to adjust to make the virus work for you. And that starts with on-the-go education. I encourage you to step outside of your dorm or the usual on-campus study spots and try out some of these places close to campus for your next Zoom class.

The Beekman Hotel Lobby

123 Nassau St., New York, NY 10038 (2-minute walk from 1 Pace Plaza)

The Beekman Hotel, located on the corner of Beekman and Nassau, offers a beautiful and posh lobby with plenty of comfortable seating options. The lobby is open to the public and has available (and reliable!) WiFi. This is the perfect place to sit, relax, and tune into class without distractions. 

Five & Dime

8 Park Pl., New York, NY 10007 (6-minute walk from 1 Pace Plaza)

Located just across City Hall Park from 1 Pace Plaza, Five & Dime offers a cozy atmosphere with vintage vibes. They have everything a student may need–coffee for an energy boost before class and intricate cocktails for after class (if you’re 21, of course). They also sell pizza, sandwiches, gluten-free options, and more. The bar has WiFi and outlets and is the perfect spot to romanticize your life whilst sipping on quality coffee and tuning into class.

Hudson Eats – Brookfield Place

230 Vesey St., New York, NY 10282 (14-minute walk from 1 Pace Plaza)

Hudson Eats is an upscale food hall of sorts, located inside Brookfield Place. It has a wide range of eatery styles, such as Japanese, Mexican, and American, and offers extensive seating options with free public WiFi. The food hall has large, floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase exquisite views of the Hudson River and even the Statue of Liberty. If you have an online class near lunchtime or dinnertime, definitely check this place out–attending class with a beautiful view and delicious food is as good as it gets.

Barnes & Noble Café

97 Warren St., New York, NY 10007 (12-minute walk from 1 Pace Plaza)

I’ll be totally honest–I love Starbucks just as much as the next college-aged girl, but I can’t stand the Starbucks atmosphere: the clanging of equipment, the squealing of the frothers, the violent whir of blenders, and the gossip of eighth-grade girls sipping on their vanilla bean fraps. The Barnes & Noble Café, located in Tribeca, gives you the menu and taste of Starbucks without the overwhelming atmosphere. The bookstore café is quiet, well-lit, and has free WiFi so that you can get work done with a delicious Starbucks drink in hand. 

Lucie is currently a freshman majoring in Film & Screen Studies at Pace University in New York City. She was formerly Editor-in-Chief of The Uproar (2020-21), an award-winning online publication based in Pittsburgh, PA.