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The Best Forgotten Songs from Your Favorite Artists

Have you ever been obsessed with a song that your favorite artist has completely ignored and thrown into the past? Join the club of advocates for the best B-sides. Many artists have Grammy deserving songs hidden in EPs, interludes, and albums. Today we are going to shine some light on the forgotten songs that definitely should have been singles.

telepathy” by bts

This song appears on the under recognized album BE. “Telepathy” gets overshadowed by fan-favorite “Life Goes On” and the Grammy-nominated, number one song, and the best song of 2020, “Dynamite”. True intellectuals know that the b-sides on BE can outshine “Dynamite” any day.

death by a thousand cuts” by taylor swift

The love I have for this song is outstanding. If I could marry a B-side, it would probably be this one. The verses are perfect, the chorus spectacular, and the bridge makes me feel like I am levitating. I truly believe this is one of her best songs. I can’t pretend that I am okay with Taylor possibly not performing this song to a stadium ever. If she does not recognize this song soon, it will be exactly like dying by a thousand cuts.

english love affair” by 5 seconds of summer

Yup, I went there. “English Love Affair” is most attached to their self-titled era and the storyline of this song is insane. I am not joking when I say this song is what a rollercoaster feels like. The verses tell of a *presumed* love connection between Ashton Irwin, and possibly, Gemma Styles, the sister of Harry Styles. I am sorry for the awkwardness for Harry, but I thank the universe this song was released.

everytime” by ariana grande

Not to be confused with Ariana’s single “Everyday” featuring Future. This song can be found on Ariana’s Grammy-winning album Sweetener, and I think it is one of her best songs. The song is just an amazing piece of music. I am not a fan of Pete Davidson, but I am so glad he made Ariana write this song.

sunflower vol. 6” by harry styles

It’s hard to say that any Harry Styles song is underrated, but this is a hidden gem in his discography. Since the release of Fine Line, this song has always been my favorite. It’s a groovy little song that differs from his radio-popular singles.

diamonds” by luke hemmings

If you’ve ever wanted to be the main character in a coming-of-age teen film, this is the song for you. I love the aesthetic of this song; the lyrics are quite sad, the instrumental is just perfect. If you want an underrated album, please steam When Facing Things We Turn Away From now.


This is my favorite song on this list. I may be biased because I love RM, but his music is so soothing, loving, and magical. This song can be found hidden on RM’s playlist mono. , and it is a magical listen. If I had to pick an overall underrated musical piece ever, RM’s mono. would take the top spot. If you want to expand your music taste and feel heard, consider listening.

the last great american dynasty” by taylor swift

This song is criminally underrated by Taylor and her fans. Yes, it is on a highly competitive album, but I adore this song. In a way, it represents a part of who I am. Honorable underrated mentions from the folklore album: “seven”, “mirrorball”, and “illicit affairs”

lonely night” by fifth harmony

Fifth Harmony’s third album Fifth Harmony is underrated immensely. The album holds pop and R&B perfection. However, “Lonely Night” is one of my favorite songs from the girl group. Stop supporting Camila Cabello and go stream Fifth Harmony songs!

long story short” by taylor swift

Long listicle short, this song is amazing. If you have ever been through romantic or platonic hardships, that eventually worked out, this song may be relatable to you. The song follows going through an emotional rollercoaster and finally finding your soulmate and peace.

There is a short list of songs I listen to so they can remain alive. Did I miss your favorite underrated track? You can always let me know on my social medias and I may make a part two!

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