Sun's Out, Survival Kits Out!

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Can’t wait for the summer? We can’t either and with these amazing products, we’re super ready to take on the sun, waves, and sandy breeze. Get ready with me and my favorite summer day routine(s), exclusively here!

Hopping in the Shower

1: I prefer to have silky, smooth skin before hitting the beach in my favorite swimsuit. Luckily, I have this dependable razor that will work perfectly with me and have me #skipAshave for two days! No more shaving worries with the Schick Quattro YOU™. Don’t only expect a silky finish, because their blades are totally scented! How cool is that?

2:  And let’s not forget the shaving cream that guarantees a smooth finish. Since I try my best to prevent cuts and scrapes, I know I can count on these. Not only that, but Skintimate compliments the set with the Skintimate 2-in-1 Shave Cream & Skin Conditioner which moisturizes for 24 hours and comes in a travel size!

3: After shampooing and conditioning, I am ready to hop out of the shower. My go-to hair after care products are from Bed Head which styles my hair to perfection, especially when I’m trying to get the beach day wavy look. I first spray my hair with the Beach Freak Moisturizing Detangler Spray to make sure my hair keeps its moisture throughout the day and doesn’t knot.

4: After, I apply the Beach Me Wave Defining Gel Mist to scrunch my hair to wavy perfection or hold my brushed out curls. I always get the Instagram beach inspo, especially when I feel ready to show off my hair. This is my favorite because it has seaweed extract and locks the moisture in my hair! Remember the wise words from Tigi, #yourvibeourtribe.

Or Not, I’m on the run!

1: You can still have beach-ready hair if you don’t make it to the shower. It’s totally okay, we’ve all been there! I know a lot of skeptics about dry shampoo, I was one myself until I discovered the Bed Head Oh Be Hive Dry Shampoo which has the best fragrance ever! Not only that, but it leaves my hair smooth and silky; like a dry deep conditioner, but shampoo. Not to mention the volume it gives your hair is incomparable!

2: You may also be on the hunt for a quick and easy touch-up razor to trim your eyebrows or any fine hair. One of my biggest concerns is hurting my skin or accidentally removing too much of an eyebrow. That was until I found out about the Schick Silk Touch Up Razor which is super gentle and guarantees precise trimming. The translucent handle makes it a trendy, to-go razor and is comfortable to touch up with. Yup, it’s all about the perfect, exfoliating trim!

OMG I Can’t Leave Without These

1: Looking for the perfect glossy glam? Buxom cosmetics has my ultimate favorite lip gloss because it has literal superpowers. Its cute color, candy scent, and plumping abilities got the best of me and I now have to keep this in my purse. Make sure to try out the new Full-On™ Lip Polish in Dolly and be a #buxombabe!

2: Oops… what do I do if I broke one of my sunglasses' legs or my plastic beach bag? No problem, the Krazy Glue All Purpose Singles, have your back, especially when you’re not ready for surprises. It’s okay to seem like you don’t have your life together because this #KrazyGlue product will repair any broken material from wood, metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, to even vinyl. 

Ready to Call it a Night

1: I am HUGE on having a refreshing skincare routine for both morning and night which makes the FREEMAN beauty products my favorite for either beginning or ending my day on a relaxing note. I must admit that this brand has my favorite masks of all time. From sugar scrubs, peel offs, clay, and charcoal, I love love love their products, especially Feeling Beautiful™ Clearing Sweet Tea + Lemon Peel-Off Mask and Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful™ Polishing Charcoal + Black Sugar Gel Mask + Scrub which exfoliate, moisturize, and make my skin glow. Choosing between the two products is tricky when they both give awesome results for your skin, making us feel like #FreemanBeauties! I highly recommend choosing what product is best for your skin type.


What are some products you totally can’t live without during the summer? Make sure to keep these in mind when you’re planning your summer vacation or just heading out to catch some vitamin D at the park. Thanks for tagging along with my summer day routine and make sure to have some fun in the sun!