Stepping Into Frame: Fall 2019 Honorable Mentions

This semester I’ve written about so many of my favorite new movies and TV shows that have come out in the last few months. While I’ve already discussed my favorites and why I love them, I thought I’d end the semester by sharing my honorable mentions! You know, those shows and movies that I may not have obsessed over, but still really enjoyed and think you should check out!

  1. 1. The Servant

    My first honorable mention is this terrifying, yet amazing, Apple TV Plus original.  The M. Night Shyamalan thriller has been a huge topic of discussion lately and I completely understand why. My favorite thing about this show is that I have no idea what’s going on. It has the feeling of a psychological thriller, with horror movie elements, and focuses on a unique family to say the least. I’m truly suspicious of every single character, but can’t stop watching because of the need to know what’s going to happen. It really keeps the audience on the edge of their seats and I can’t wait for the rest of the season to come out.

  2. 2. Stumptown

    To be honest, I decided to check out this show because of my love for Jake Johnson who plays Nick Miller on New Girl. Once I did, I ended up really enjoying it! Stumptown focuses on a military veteran who becomes a private investigator and works “around” the law.  The show has a lot of heart and deals with such an interesting subject that I can’t wait to see what comes next! If you haven’t checked this one out, you definitely should!

  3. 3. The Politician

    Ryan Murphy has done it again. This show is truly so unique and entertaining, and if you’re a fan of any of Ryan Murphy’s other shows, I definitely recommend this one! The series centers on Ben Platt’s character, Payton, and his insane journey to become student body president. The whole cast is incredible and every episode will leave you coming back for more.

  4. 4. The Morning Show

    Another show that’s been getting a lot of attention lately is The Morning Show starring Steve Carrell, Jennifer Anniston, and Reese Witherspoon. I personally believe this show is worth the hype. It deals with an extremely sensitive subject and showcases the insane politics involved in the entertainment industry. I’m really enjoying this one and can’t wait to see where they take the rest of the season!

  5. 5. Frozen 2

    I’m sorry, but I couldn't make this list without mentioning how amazing Frozen 2 is. In my personal opinion, it was so worth the wait and exceeded all my expectations. All our favorite characters are back, with yet another important story to tell. Everything from the plot and visual effects to the music was absolutely incredible!  If you haven’t seen it yet, I seriously recommend you do!

This past fall was an amazing time in entertainment and I can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2020!!! I’ve loved writing this column and I hope to continue sharing my favorites in the new year!