Stepping Into Frame: Dollface

This is a show that I can honestly say I was surprised by. I went into it, believing it to be one thing when it was something else entirely. I loved the way that it challenges the expected. 

Dollface centers on a woman who was recently dumped and is learning how to move on from it. She got so caught up in her long term relationship that she let her relationships with friends die out. This show picks up with her trying to get those friends back in her life. I love the way that this show showcases friendships between such unique women. All the characters are introduced as stereotyped versions of themselves, and all end up being developed into extremely complex human characters.

This show plays with imagination and includes so many metaphorical scenarios to represent real-world situations in hilarious ways. They show her getting out of her relationship as if it’s like getting off a plane after a trip. Only there is no one waiting for her at the airport because of all the friendships she had neglected over the years. I thought this was such a unique and genius way to portray this concept and kept me interested in watching the show. They continue with these scenarios throughout the show, including comparing Sunday brunch with friends to church, which living in New York City, hits pretty close to home. 

The cast of this show is also insane, from Kat Dennings, Shay Mitchell, and even Brenda Song, each bring such different energies to the show. They even have great guest stars including, Matthew Gray Gubler, who I personally love, from Criminal Minds. 

While I don't think the show tackles major issues like feminism and race in the best way, I think it’s more about making people laugh. We have amazing shows like The Bold Type that aim to portray strong female friendships and discuss important issues at the same time. Dollface is currently being criticized for not taking on these issues, but in my opinion, I don’t think it’s what they set out to do. I see it as a show that talks about relationships between women in a hilarious way like we’ve seen the male friendship dynamic explored a million times. I think people often think because we don’t often see powerful female friendships portrayed on screen, every time we do, they need to be serious and take a political stance. While I obviously feel that shows like that are so important, I like that this show was showing these dynamics for the purpose of comedy instead. It’s an unusual style that was extremely entertaining to watch. 

If you’re in the mood for an entertaining show that you don’t want to take too seriously, I definitely recommend Dollface on Hulu!