Stepping Into Frame

United States

There’s nothing I love quite like stories. Whether it be through novels, films, or tv shows, I’m pretty much always engrossed in a new story. Ever since I was young, storytelling has seemed like magic to me. For me, it meant so much more than entertainment and always will. I’ve looked for solace in stories and have chosen to try to make my future career about telling them. Because of this, I’m always excited to check out the newest movie or tv show and absolutely can’t wait to tell everyone I know about the ones I think need to be seen. That’s exactly what I’d like to do with this column! 

Before I get started later this month writing about the new stories I think are worth checking out, I’ll share more about me and why this is what I’m so passionate about. Growing up, my life was constantly changing which for the most part made people and places temporary and made stories the thing I could always count on. I was always able to place myself in a story and become completely immersed in it, making fictional characters and places feel so important to me. I truly used movies, tv shows and books as an escape from reality and still do. As I got older, I realized that my interest in these things was much more than just a hobby. I began using writing as a way to express the things I couldn’t say out loud. I did this with journaling at first but then began to write fictional stories as I got older. There’s something so special about finding an outlet that truly makes you happy in a way nothing else does. 

When I got to college I found my true calling in screenwriting. Collaborating on script ideas with other writers is so special to me. For a long time, people would look at me like I was crazy when I talked about characters and the things that happened to them as if it was as important as something that happened to me; it feels so good to work with other people who share this passion. Because of this, I changed my major to Film and Screen Studies with a double major in English Literature. This allows me to explore all aspects of the film while learning how to improve my writing. My dream job would be to sit in the writer's room on a tv show as I get to create stories that affect people the way stories have always affected me. 

If it weren’t for stories, I wouldn’t be studying what I truly love in my favorite city in the world, New York City. When I was younger I watched so many movies and tv shows showing strong, independent women making a real life for themselves in this city; it’s so surreal to be here doing the same. While the reality is never as easy as the fictional world makes it look, I wouldn’t trade where I am for the world and hope to never stop growing my passion.

Obviously, I could never write about all the media I’ve ever loved, but I can try to share new projects that I think are stories worth telling and that everyone should see! While I recognize that everyone has different tastes; this column will be my record of the stories I’ve loved this year and I can’t wait to get started!