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Sororities On The Screen… Is It Really Like The Movies?

Going into school, I had a lot of expectations and assumptions when it came to sororities and Greek life on campus due to the endless amounts of movies that use this as a traditional college experience for entertainment. Last year, I joined a sorority on campus and I can say the experience is so much different than what was pictured on the screen. Pace University is located in New York City meaning we don’t have houses on our untraditional campus. While my experience may be a bit skewed, here are some movies that are based on sororities that may or may not fit the part. 

Legally Blonde

I feel like Elle Woods’ experience in a sorority would be more relatable for someone who went to a large state school like UCLA or USC. Greek life at Pace is nothing like the few clips shown in Legally Blonde.

Life of The Party

In this movie, most of the sorority life takes place in their house. Pace’s sororities don’t have houses so it doesn’t make it relatable.

Sydney White

Fiction. Pure fiction.

Sorority Boys

This movie is hilarious. I used to watch this over and over when I was wayyy too young. I would describe it as Rated M and not realistic.  

Pitch Perfect

While Pitch Perfect may not be a sorority, they still act like a “sorority”. Still not similar to greek life at Pace. 

House Bunny

I expected this movie to be terrible but I was pleasantly surprised. It still isn’t realistic when comparing it to Pace Greek life. 

While this list is only six movies on, there are endless amounts of early-mid 2000 comedies such as American Pie, Neighbors, 22 Jump Street, Animal House, 21 And Over and more that are based on sororities and fraternities. Pace University’s Greek life is just so much different compared to other schools it’s difficult to compare it to anything you see on the screen.

My name is Kylie Geatz. While I work towards a career in the music industry, I enjoy my time spent living in NYC exploring, drinking too much coffee, and attending different events/concerts. Feel free to reach out and comment on any of my articles on any of my social media accounts (@altkylie)!
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