Single's Guide to Valentine's Day

Manhattan, New York
United States

Every year on Valentine’s Day, those of us who are single are bombarded by the overwhelming smell of flowers, bright pink and red hearts, and mushy couples that take PDA to a whole new level. I say no more; it’s time for us to take back this degrading holiday. You don’t need a significant other to feel loved. You just need to enjoy the freedom that comes with not being in a relationship. No one could fulfill you as much as yourself, therefore, this Valentine's Day, I propose we show ourselves what real love is by treating ourselves with this affordable Singles’ Starter Pack. Finally, we call all enjoy Valentine’s Day.

1. A Weighted Blanket

Trust me when I say you have never lived unless you’ve used a weighted blanket. Not only does it relieve anxiety, but it also knocks you out like a light. With a weighted blanket, you are guaranteed to have a good beauty sleep.


Honestly, who could argue with this logic? Food could make anything better whether your ordering takeout or trying a new recipe. There’s nothing more satisfying than good old comfort food when alone.

3. A Good Entertainment

Being alone isn’t always a bad thing because it gives you time to explore yourself and discover who you really are. This Valentines Day, I suggest we all try new things or embrace certain hobbies. This includes bingeing your favorite shows, drawing, baking, or whatever you like to do. You decide what you makes you happy.

4. New Playlist

When it comes to expressing yourself, music is always the best way to go. You don’t have to be in a relationship to sing and dance about love. You just need to go full out and not care who sees or hears.

5. Mini Spa

No matter who you are, every person needs a little TLC every now and then. Why not take Valentine’s Day as your opportunity to tend to that? It doesn’t cost a lot of money to DIY facials, buy a face mask, do your hair, paint your nails, or even draw yourself a nice bath to wash off all that negative energy. In the end, you’d feel 10x better inside and out.