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Should Season 17 Be the Last of Grey’s Anatomy?

The popular drama series Grey’s Anatomy has finally returned after a long hiatus, and I can’t help but be disappointed by this season. Of course, I’m loving the appearances by old cast members like Patrick Dempsey and T.R. Knight, but for the duration of the new episodes I find myself just waiting for the scenes with the returned cast members, because the rest just bores me. I’m actually hoping they kill off Meredith in this season to finally end the show.  

For anyone who has yet to see the Season 17 Episode 8 which aired recently on March 11th, 2021  or has yet to catch up to the newer seasons there will be spoilers ahead. First, the writing off of Alex Krav was so sloppy and completely undermined his development thus far. I understand that the actor wanted to leave and the writers had also wanted to leave an ending where he could come back if he wanted, but there were so many other ways to leave an open ending without ruining his character in the process. Also, it seems that every episode this season of Grey’s Anatomy is now a crossover with Station 19, and while I understand it’s to get viewers interested in Station 19, I have no interest in that show. And yet, I have to watch it to understand what is happening in Grey’s Anatomy, that shouldn’t be the case. And why kill off DeLuca? To me, his death felt so random and more like they are just trying to fulfill their quota of killing a character a season. There was absolutely no reason to kill off his character, he was such a strong representation of bipolar disorder and he was getting better- we didn’t get to see him grow. 

The writing for the show, in general, has steadily decreased in quality. In the beginning, Grey’s Anatomy had a steady balance of drama and medicine, it took the time to invest in storylines and developing the characters. And while there are still many heart warming and heart breaking scenes in the show, I find myself completely detached from these newer seasons. I’m not interested in most of the storylines, they feel so forced and rushed and some of the characters are  completely lacking dimension, I mean how can I grow to like a character that I barely know or see. Personally I think the show should’ve ended after Lexie and Mark died (Season 8) or even after Derek died (Season 11). 

Some may wonder why I still watch the show but I have been with this show since the beginning and have rewatched it countless times, even though I’m less interested in the newer seasons than compared to the older ones, it’s a show that has been with me for most of my life. I still have an appreciation for all the actors and characters within the show, but it truly isn’t the same anymore and I think it should end before it gets worse.

Hi, my name is Ashley Geiser. I am an English Language and Literature major at Pace University. Follow my Instagram @ashleygeiser
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