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Should I Stay or Should I Go? Falling in Love with Pace

My senior year of high school was only a year ago. I didn’t understand the saying, “time flies” until now because besides being an overused saying, it became my reality. I was only applying to my top 9 colleges for early admission and going on college tours to choose my perfect college campus. I did my research, asked for opinions, and daydreamed about college all the time. Until finally, I made my decision and decided to accept my admission to Pace.

There are many reasons why I chose this school and campus, despite my deepening anxiety towards the unknown school culture I’d soon be exposed to. However, I wasn’t prepared for all of the amazing things that would shape my lifestyle to be the most ideal to me. Until now, 9 months later, I am able to understand how every moment on this campus came together to create a significant portion of my personal and academic growth. In fact, my most memorable moments consist of lessons I will cherish for the next four years of my undergraduate career.  


One of my favorite experiences during my first year was living in FiDi. Not only did I live near Wall St. but I had the perfect view of the One World Trade Center and the Oculus. Aside from having four huge windows to watch the seasons pass, I was able to wake up to one of the world’s most riveting structures every day. Should I mention the daily trips I’d make to our local Target, Sephora, or Dunkin Donuts? It was surreal to me that I had everything in at my fingertips and I definitely used that to my advantage. Living at Broadway was a great option for me because of the environment, the community, the location, and Fulton Street Station. I can confidently say I did not outgrow the space, as I was able to study there throughout the school year. I would choose to come back to it again and again if I could.


Events galore is an understatement. I met so many people throughout so many cool events that it’s tough to choose an ultimate favorite. Also, imagine getting thousands of Instagrams and actually being able to network by visiting cool and local places. Orientation and Welcome Week at Pace was definitely the best mixer month of the first semester. One event, in particular, was the cruise ride where we were able to mingle with our orientation leaders and classmates! It was the best especially with our favorite lady, The Statue of Liberty, in the background and the endless virgin “Shirley temples”. The opportunity to meet people from so many different places, each having various interests and visions, is the perfect way to stage engaged within the community and helped me a lot when learning new things. It may be awkward, but everyone is on the same boat, being new to Pace, which made our first school events really fun. Plus, feeling welcomed transcended the cruise and lasted throughout the first few months of school, becoming our cultural norm.


Being involved in our dorm events was also great! This is because our Resident Advisors planned the best events for us during the semester that helped us stay engaged and updated within our communities. My advice is to become well acquainted with your advisor because they will give you the 411 about everything on campus, and it’s honestly really cool. I was also able to receive housing points which provided me with housing benefits and first pick housing choice for the upcoming year. There are a lot of things to look forward to when remaining engaged with housing and it helped me through both of my semesters. With so many community resources there is not a moment we can miss.

Architecture & Aesthetic

The architecture of every building in the city is definitely my favorite part of being able to commute in the city. The design of each structure is so versatile that looking up to observe the details on walls, ridges, windows, gates, and doors were way more interesting than being on my phone. However, they are very Instagram worthy! As an active Instagram user, I have to admit to my frequent exterior design posts. In fact, you’ll rarely see a fixed set of similar buildings, since the vintage and the modern combine aesthetically throughout the city. In the city, you will be able to admire many color schemes and patterns that are truly unforgettable, as well.

Student Organizations

Honestly what better way to explore your interests, follow your passion, and even network? There are so many organizations that cater to everyone on campus. Here you are able to pick and choose where you’d like to become more involved and even where to enhance your leadership opportunities. With Her Campus Pace, I was able to not only write about my favorite events but become engaged with everyone who has the same interests and similar vision. I also was able to find the opportunity to put my skills to practice by choosing to run for president. Like me, there are many people who like becoming part of a particular community- like sorority life, science, art, performing arts, health, and academic clubs- available on campus. Being able to find at least one organization to be a part of has been a highly enriching part of my college experience.


I may have arrived at Pace University a little apprehensive about how I would integrate myself; the beauty of it is having the opportunity to grow despite my insecurities. My first undergraduate year has taught me how blossom confidently, believe in myself, and never really give up on my aspirations. With the programs, councils, spaces, and environment I chose to learn from, I just think about how many more opportunities I have to follow my dreams. So much so, that senior year of high school I would not have even thought about where I would be today, with a summer internship, zen friends, and an inspirational school that I chose to attend just a few months ago.



Hey!   I am a student and a Campus Trendsetter at one of the Big Apple's coolest campus (Pace University)! I love hiking during the summer and exploring the city on my free time, along with Yelping on the coolest restaurants around the country. Although the Golden Coast is where home is at, taking on the "City that never sleeps" has become my latest adventure! 
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