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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

I first met Sarah at the Campus Activities Fair in my first semester at Pace. I came across a table in the back of the gym labeled PAASA, or the Peer Advocates Against Sexual Assault. She was inviting, and explained what the organization did and how to apply for a position. I joined PAASA shortly after and got to know Sarah better!

I asked Sarah what she wanted to promote, or if there was anything else she wanted to say; she said that “PAASA is one of the best resources you will find on campus. It’s advocating for students who otherwise may not have come forward about violence that has happened to them or found the resources they needed. It gives students space where there is no pressure regarding what they decide to do in their situation. I also have met some of my best friends there. It’s such a great space honestly.” Sarah really cares about the work she does and is very good at it too! She makes it easier to speak about such dark subject matter; you can tell that she would do anything to help.

Sarah is a Psychology major and wants to work as a therapist for people aged thirteen or older after she goes to graduate school. She wants to specify in helping people struggling with depression, anxiety, and trauma. Her dream is to be on Broadway! Sarah came to Pace because she loves New York City and wanted to be in their musical theater program, which is still a passion of hers. She loves taking part in the Pace Bound student panels, which is designed for incoming students to see what the university has to offer. Sarah gets the opportunity to talk about what she does at Pace, and other opportunities the school has helped her be a part of.

Her hometown is Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and she is also looking at graduate schools to pursue her Masters in Counseling Psychology in the Philadelphia area. Although she loves Pennsylvania, she hoped to visit New York as much as possible because she thinks the city is amazing. It was hard to choose, but her favorite place/ thing to do in the city is to go to Battery Park, by the water and grass lawns to watch the sunset against the Statue of Liberty. “Too cliche? Oh well!”

Sarah is not only a Peer Advocate for PAASA, and participant in Pace bound student panels, she also conducts research with faculty and peers at Pace. She also runs the social media accounts for PAASA, so don’t forget to check those out in addition to her personal ones!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Sarah as much as I did! Hopefully you have the chance meet and become friends with her too!

Instagram: @paasaatpace and @sarahjdavis95

My name is Abby Elliott. If I'm not working on an article , I am reading or exploring somewhere in NYC! I am a marketing major with a fashion marketing minor for the Lubin School of Business. I have always loved writing and one day I hope to work for a fashion magazine! I can't wait to meet the new team for this upcoming year!