Roxana Saravia

new york
United States

While talking with a friend about why we chose Pace, I realized we each had different reasons but there was one thing in common, x0roxy. When deciding if we should study at Pace, we had both looked up Pace University on YouTube, and a YouTuber named Roxy happily toured the campus with her camera. Roxy is lively, informative, and confident. All of these characteristics radiate beautifully from both her vlogs and her Instagram feed. Luckily, she agreed to talk to me about having her own YouTube channel, and what her experience at Pace has been like!

Roxy’s Instagram feed is filled with cute photos, amazing clothes, and great views of NYC. Her favorite neighborhood is SoHo, which you can see plenty of on her Instagram. On YouTube, her videos include vlogs, Q + A’s, and more. My favorites are her vlogs around NYC because that’s how I figured out if Pace was for me! Her audience’s comments are encouraging and inquisitive about interest in attending Pace, or what life in NY is really like, and she happily takes the time to answer all of them. Roxy is also a campus representative for the popular watch company, Daniel Wellington, and frequently posts giveaways on her Instagram! Her advice is to simply apply for the position if you’re interested in being a campus representative; it’s a great way to try to increase your following, so go for it! You can also receive a discount for Daniel Wellington products on Roxy’s social media profiles.​

She started her YouTube channel in middle school and had no plan for where it would go, but ended up loving it! Roxy wants to help other people learn more about NYC and Pace. Her style icon is another YouTuber named Olivia Jade. She is also a big fan of Idina Menzel, because she believes in being more than just one thing in life and encourages others to break barriers in order to do what they want in life.

Roxy is a Business major and hopes to add a minor in Fashion Marketing to her degree. Her ideal career is to work in fashion, but on the business side. She loves Pace and balances her time between YouTube, babysitting, and school. Roxy explained that YouTube is hard, but you have to find the perfect balance for you. She commutes from Brooklyn and loves living in NYC. Roxy believes that if you want something, you should go for it! Check out her videos for all types of content, and be sure to check out her Instagram for amazing style tips.

Instagram: @x0xroxy

Twitter: @x0roxy

YouTube: @x0roxy