Rhode Island Travel Guide Article

Manhattan, New York
United States

Spring Break is normally full of sun, sand, fun or just a trip back home. I decided to change it up this year and went to Rhode Island with the Honors College at Pace! We loaded up at 9 am and headed four hours north to one of this country’s founding cities. Here’s my guide to what to see when visiting Providence, Rhode Island.


1.) The John Brown House: Dating back to the famous John Brown, his house was only owned by three owners throughout its history. Which means that much of it is preserved or is historically accurate to the time. You’re able to see all three stories and the horse-drawn carriage in the garage. The tour guides are very knowledgeable and make the tour so fascinating!

2.) The Capitol Building: This is where all of the politics of Rhode Island. It has gorgeous architecture and the grand foyer is breathtaking. They even have a cannonball that’s stuck in a cannon from an opposing shot! You get to see where all the politics take place and how the government works. Supporting local college students, the tour guides are from a local college’s history department.

3.) The Great Escape Room: We split up into two teams in Sherlock’s library where we split up puzzles and had to work to get out. The staff was incredible and they have a bunch of different puzzles to solve. We beat the establishments' record for teams of 10+, getting it in less than half the time!

4.) Craftland: It’s basically a giant Etsy store! All of the products are made from local craftsman and their stuff is unbelievably cute. Kiss your money goodbye!


1.) Angelo’s- In the thick of the Providence’s Little Italy District, this family-owned restaurant has been operating for 95 years. With great Italian comfort food (especially the chicken parm), friendly staff and cheap prices, it’s definitely the place to go!

2.) Pastiche Bakery: This little bake shop has tables for their dessert only menu, a quaint atmosphere, and cake that is worth the wait. With candles on tables and delectable desserts, you can’t go wrong!

3.) Lux Burger Bar: Home of the Make Your Own Burger, they have a cute little checklist where you can design the burger or Mac and Cheese of your dreams! The waitstaff was incredibly nice and helpful, making us feel so welcome and open to recommending dishes to anyone!