Responding to an Ex

There comes a time in every relationship when you need to let go. Whether it be a bad break up, an amicable break up or the end of a meaningful friendship, this is always hard and never easy. We move on from certain people in order to make room for others. Part of what comes along with this separation is the fear of one day unlocking our phones and there they are. Right in front of our face, their name and a text reading, “Hi, just checking in to make sure you’re ok, do you need anything?” In this moment we have to make a very crucial, defining decision, do we answer or leave this boy on read? Think about it this way, if you do not see the conversation that is about to take place being of any progress or benefit to you, do not answer.

Here are some ways to respond:

​​1. If you want to seem confident and polite: “Hi, thanks for checking in. I’m great, how are you?” 

2. If you feel like sass is necessary: “Of course I’m fine, do I need anything? I need a lot of things but you definitely can’t give them to me.”

3. If you’re genuinely upset and want to express how you feel: “I’m sorry. I’m not sure what to say because I’m not okay and I don’t want to pretend I am but, I also don’t want you to know how much pain I am in either.”

4. If clouds of red smoke are bellowing out of your ears: “I feel a weight has been lifted since we have moved on from each other and I find it much more productive if we do not contact each other.” (or simply, the middle finger emoji works too)

For those of you that choose to leave that boy, keep reading:

1. Keep your mind occupied with errands, school work and friends.

2. Binge watch a new Netflix Original Series like, Black Mirror, Arrested Development, Chef’s Table or Orange is the New Black.

3. Keep those endorphins flowing and your mind active by exercising daily.

4. And on to the next one!