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The Real Reason Historical Dramas Are So Addictive

Ever wonder why historical dramas are so addictive? Recently, it feels as though period dramas- like “Bridgerton,” Pride and Prejudice, and “Reign-” have been capturing the attention of many and are one of the most talked about topics on social media. 

One major reason is the nostalgic allure that these movies and tv shows create. The time and place is set so well; the music, fashion, and language leaves people longing to go back to these eras. Who wouldn’t want to wear a corset and feel like the diamond of the season waiting for a proper suitor? Viewers get a good sense of a time period that otherwise really isn’t explored a lot- of course, a fair amount is over dramatized and fudged to make it more appealing to the audiences, but these eras are being brought vibrantly back to life. 

Another reason is the storylines- I mean, besides the fact that Kiera Knightly looks like a literal goddess in every part she plays, from Pride and Prejudice to Anna Karenina, and that the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page) is very pleasant to look at while on screen. Many of these dramas have a slow burn love that typically starts with a slight dislike for one another or ignoring of very obvious feelings towards each other that eventually gets harder to deny over the course of the movie. We see these small scenes that are so focused on the slightest bits of intimacy, whether it be a long held stare from across a ballroom or a slight brush of the hands. And the viewers become hooked and almost waiting in anticipation for these short but major moments that linger in our minds and because the smallest gesture can so much more than words and in the 19th century, the physical aspects of human connection were very much taboo; a woman must keep her virtue and remain untouched until she is wedded. It’s this overtly passionate love that comes from absolutely giving yourself to one person and craving every part of them, that keeps people entertained and wanting that same kind of love. 

Lastly, these historical dramas bring a sense of comfort to some people. It is in a sense a comforting thought that people that were alive hundreds of years ago, even though maybe not actual people but rather characters, still dealt with the same issues we deal with today whether it be money, love, or realizing we don’t want to go a traditional route of accomplishing things.

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