Profile: Sophie Hughes

     Sophie Hughes is someone out of a John Hughes movie. Even though there is no relation, she reminds you of the characters: uncaring but sweet, independent and strong-willed, and amazingly funny. Walking into her dorm, you are immediately greeted by the smell of orange and lavender essential oils, which waft from her diffuser, and the fresh air provided by the thirty or so plants that line the perimeter of her room. A long, light green duvet covers her bed, hiding wicker baskets underneath, and fluffy pillows stand against the beaded tapestry on her wall. For a minute, you almost forget you are in Maria’s Tower.       

     Sophie was a ballerina, but due to a career-ending injury, she decided to come to Pace. She is twenty years old and from Nashville, Tennessee. Her major is education, but by looking at her room she could probably teach a whole college course on botany. Watching her get ready for class felt like a funny YouTube “get ready with me” video. She used a head scratcher to volumize her hair (and to massage her head), dabbed on some boy brow, cloud paint, and haloscope from Glossier, and threw on an old pair of sneakers. She is a Glossier representative, so Glossier products can be found all around her room. Her favorites are the cloud paint and moon mask, plus the generation G lip colors.         

     I immediately felt at home with Sophie, and living in Maria’s Tower with her made dorm life a bit better. Her sense of humor consists of self-deprecating, sarcastic remarks, and vine references mixed in with obscure movies. This steady mix of jokes makes her fun to hang out with and even easier to talk to. Plus, with her website code, you can get 20% off + free shipping on your order with Glossier! I ended up spending way too much money with her code, since every time she wears their products, she glows.      

     Her social media platforms are hilarious and aesthetically pleasing, so follow her on instagram @sophiehugs! You’ll feel like you know her just by stalking her posts, and I hope you guys end up getting to know her just as well as I have. Being an older student in freshman housing has had its ups and downs, but having someone else here as incredible as Sophie has made it amazing.