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Profile: Jenna Hager

Some of you might know her from her iconic selfies in the Marias Tower mirrors. Some of you might hear her shouting “never stop writing your story!" Some of you might recognize her by her warm, friendly face around school. Well, here’s some things you don’t know about Jenna Hager. 


What year are you?

A Junior


What’s your major/minor?

Business Economics with a minor in Arts and Entertainment Management 


What clubs are you part of on campus?

I am an RA (resident assistant) since my sophomore year, Tour Guide since my freshman year, KAPPA DELTA sorority, Econ Society and as of this summer a researcher for the National Federal Reserve Team Challenge


Wow! You’re really involved on campus, if you had to pick a favorite which one would it be and why?

Definitely Tour Guide – I think that being a tour guide is such a fascinating job because you get to meet so many different people from all walks of life. So many people that college means very unlike things to. I also get to see how little high school perspectives really know about college and what they can do during their four years. I also love to take part in the hiring process for new tour guides and later on training of the new hires. Pace Bound Events and Admitted Students Days are my absolute favorite. 


Why pace?

It’s funny because I had never really considered Pace until I did and was sent their application. But, I think that being from Queens and always being excited by the city as a kid, it became a no brainer to live down in the heart of Manhattan. I love this downtown area and that Pace offers so many opportunities and utilizes the greater NYC as their campus.


What field do you want to work in?

To be honest, I don’t know. I would love to work for a media or entertainment company, but I could also see myself working for hospitality or a non-profit. I think my biggest things are 1) Working with people and 2) Never having the same task to do day after day.


Tell us a weird fact about yourself.

It may not be that weird but I would like to be the next female Jimmy Fallon


Lastly, where do you see yourself in 10 years?


And maybe in a NYC apartment with floor to ceiling windows over looking some stellar city views. 

Senior Communications major and Women and Gender Studies minor at Pace University who spends too much time researching celebrities and not enough on homework.
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