Profile: Amanda Barone '18

Name: Amanda Barone

Year: Junior

Major: Economics

Minor(s): Marketing and Statistics

Hometown: Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

Zodiac Sign: Taurus


What is your favorite thing to do in the city?

My favorite thing to do when I’m in the city is try new food. Whether it’s takeout or a trendy restaurant, I’m always open to trying new eats!!

Who do you look up to?

Someone I looked up to very much and wish I had more time with is my grandmother. She passed away when I was young but I remember her well. No one who knew her ever had anything bad to say about her. She was one of those people who lived to do for others. I hope to be a lot like her.


What is one thing you’ve learned from living, working, and studying in Manhattan?

A huge learning lesson I will take away from my time in the city is that people will not always agree with you and their opinion isn’t wrong just because its different than mine. I’ve become much more open minded and I can thank Manhattan for that.


What is your latest baking endeavor?

Anyone who knows me knows I love to bake. Last weekend I made chocolate cookies stuffed with thin mints! They were good but too rich for me, I could only have one. Those were more of an experiment for me. I constantly get requests from friends and family to make my cookies and cream cookies! My secret is cream cheese in the batter ;)


What do you hope to do with your economics degree?

My dream job is to be a data analyst for an advertising agency. I love the idea of forecasting in a creative field and there is actually a ton of math behind marketing! I’ve always been an analytical thinker and econ. increased my ability to use math to analyze situations.