Phenomenal Fashion for Phenomenal Women

SoHo, NY
United States

Friday afternoon I headed up to SoHo for a casual window shopping stroll and stumbled upon one of the most vibrant “girl power” stores in all of Manhattan. Who runs the world? Girls! That’s why the representation of girl power is very important, and I found exactly that at this location. Bulletin Broads NoLIta, “Stores made by women, for women,” is located at 27 Prince St., and is the perfect brand to convey the message of power, glamour, and philanthropy. Its message of resisting the patriarchy doesn’t shy away from the power of voice, significance of female alliance, and the value of female anatomy. That’s why you can definitely say that every product is designed with sugar, spice, and everything nice! Needless to say, they have the perfect garments for a fierce gal.

As a female who has a passion for fashion and lives for feminist representation, I fell in love with not only the pink aesthetic but the welcoming aura of their inclusive environment. From unique jewelry and bold apparel to vibrant vibrators and relatable quotes on coffee mugs…creativity is what makes their store highly admirable. Did I mention the fluorescent neon light greeting you as you enter their SoHo ethereal realm? She’s definitely an icon!

Most importantly, I cannot fail to mention their amazing contributions to Planned Parenthood. Ten percent of every proceeds go directly to PPNYC, funding reproductive health services such as gynecologist appointments and colposcopies, to detection of cervical cancer, exams, and abortions. Not to mention, sex education that we all deserve! The immense support for this clinical program encourages healthy lifestyles that young women should be able to identify themselves with, by making Plan Parenthood an accessible resource. That’s why this female-led brand really caters to women and their needs, just like us!

Needless to say…Bulletin is the perfect representation of our generation’s progressive style and self-love message. So next time you’re in SoHo, keep in mind that retail therapy CAN be beneficial! You’ll be supporting the nationwide #femalerights cause AND our local Plan Parenthood.

 Au revoir, have fun shopping!