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The Perfect Halloween Marathon For You and Your Girl Gang


Halloween is quickly approaching! Costumes are being carefully selected and parties are being planned. One night this Halloween season; stay in and plan a movie night with your closest friends! This is a list of some of the best Feminist Halloween movies for a night in with the Girls!


  1. Halloweentown (1998)

Any Halloween movie night would be incomplete without this Disney Channel original classic. If this movie was not a huge part of your childhood, I’m so sorry. Not only is this movie filled with magic, but it also features some pretty badass female leads. Marnie was the young, powerful role model we all needed. She taught us to take risks, and not to be content with an average life. This movie also blessed us with the icon that is Marnie’s grandmother, Aggie. She taught us all that “being normal is vastly overrated”. Basically, this movie is full of female icons teaching us to be unapologetically ourselves.

2. Twitches (2005)

This movie is another Disney classic about how powerful women are when we work together. There are few things better than two powerful sisters coming together to defeat darkness using magic (Tia and Tamera will always be twin goals).


     3. Hocus Pocus (1993)



This film may just be the most feminist of them all. It’s all about the sisters we love to hate; the Sanderson sisters serve as the female anti-heroes very rarely seen on screen. This movie proves women can be just as complex as any man. These sisters are truly wicked, and yet also hilarious. The message of the movie is about embracing who you really are. A perfect movie for a Halloween marathon!


      4. Practical Magic (1998)

Practical Magic is more than just another movie about witches. This film beautifully portrays the importance of family and sisterhood. It’s about two sisters proving time and time again that they would do anything for each other. They are raised by their aunts and vow to always stick together against anyone and anything. These powerful characters show just how capable women really are. They struggle with who they are and what having power truly means; however realize that when women stick together, we can’t be stopped.


5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)



Sure, Harry Potter is for all seasons; but there’s just something about Halloween that makes me think of Hogwarts. Also, Hermione Granger may be my favorite leading lady of them all. The series might be named after Harry but where would he really be without Hermione? So this list would be incomplete without her.


6. Beetlejuice (1988)

Last but not least, we have this Halloween classic that is definitely worth the watch (or rewatch). Not only is Beetlejuice a unique style and genre for a Halloween movie; it also showcases some pretty feminist undertones with the character Lydia Deetz. Winona Ryder portrays the passionate, young goth teenage girl rarely portrayed on screen. Amidst the wild ride that is the plot of this movie, her character stands out because she defies gender norms throughout the whole film. She knows who she is and makes no apologies for it. She’s truly a Halloween icon.


While there are so many amazing Halloween classics out there that I haven’t mentioned; this list should help get you started! I hope this helps get you in the mood for the season and maybe even provide you with some cute costume ideas! Happy Halloween!


Hey, I'm Sarah! I'm a junior double majoring in Film and Screen Studies; as well as English. I'm from Syracuse, New York but absolutely love it here in New York City. I couldn't be more excited to be a part of Her Campus at Pace!!
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