NYC FILM FAVORITE: Hello My Name Is Doris

Last weekend, I went to the movies with my Mom to go see Hello My Name Is Doris, starring Sally Field, who plays the quirky character Doris Miller and Max Greenfield, who plays the put together businessman, John Fremont. I found this film to be quite intriguing in the storyline and humorous, but very real at the same time.              

The film focuses on Doris Miller, a quirky older lady, who takes a leap of faith to get her much younger co-worker, John Fremont to notice her. This film breaks down stereotypical relationships and displays how love has no age. It shows you that in life it is better to be yourself, quirkiness and all than spend time trying to impress others.

This film focuses greatly on the hipster scene in NYC and fitting in with the times. Sally Fields character expresses herself in the best way she can and sometimes embracing your quirkiness and dressing to impress yourself is all you need.

Her character also struggles with letting go of material things (hoarding), which is displayed greatly in the film because there is a correlation between the fact that her mental age stunted in the 80’s.

An interesting film that gives you a new perspective on taking risks does not mean changing, but bettering yourself.