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New Music: An Honest Review of Nessa Barrett’s Debut EP

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Rising Alternative Pop Rock singer and songwriter Nessa Barrett just released her first EP pretty poison. Barrett rose to fame during 2019 from the social media app TikTok and has grown her following to 16.8 million. Since then, Barrett has taken on the music industry with her honest and dark new EP that speaks on her journey with mental health, relationships, and other personal experiences.

Since I have been listening to her music nonstop since the release on September 10 I only felt that it was appropriate to give a review on it!

  1. pretty poison – Starting with the first song of the EP, pretty poison, this one has to be one of my favorites. With intense bass and creative lyrics, this song depicts that not everything is how it seems. With the lyrics: “Everybody wants a taste/ But the truth is hard to chase/ Pretty Poison in my mind and in my veins,” it showcases that even something seemingly perfect is not as ideal. Her honesty in this song is what makes me love it so much!
  2. keep me afraid – Barrett uses her musical skills to speak up on a toxic relationship. The tone she uses throughout the song showcases that she is not afraid of her manipulative partner no matter how hard they try. From the electric guitar to the lyrics, “keep me afraid” is a good one.
  3. i hope ur miserable until ur dead – The first single from pretty poison, this song is a breakup song like no other. IHUMUYD is a hit song because it relates to so many people and the brutal lyrics connect with those who have had someone do them wrong and just want them to get what they deserve. The catchy chorus and fierce instrumentals are what makes me and others love this song! The music video gives off Jennifer’s Body vibes which makes me like this song even more. In my opinion, it is the perfect amount of pettiness.
  4. grave – Ever had someone love you so much that it made you feel so alive and want to keep going? Well, this song speaks on that exact feeling. While mentioning her mental health, Barrett brings in the idea that she has someone who makes her want to live her life. I like everything about this song; the lyrics, the instrumental, the message, EVERYTHING! I recommend giving this one a listen for sure.
  5. scare myself – In this dark song, Barrett emphasizes the struggles she went through during her darkest time. The title implies exactly how she felt during that time and the lyrics just add to the honesty. There is nothing better than an artist speaking their truth which is why this is such a good one.
  6. I wanna die – My favorite song from this EP is an interesting twist of a love song. The lyrics; “I wanna die when you kiss me slowly/ I’d be just fine if my blood stopped flowing/ My, oh, my, I’m terrified/ I know the rest of my life won’t compare to these nights with you.’ I love that she used the dark meaning of death and flipped it into a happy feeling. This song is a 10/10 with its catchy beat and lyrics.
  7. sincerely – The final song from her EP is all about being sincerely happy and shows Barrett’s growth since she was at the darkest point in her life. My favorite part is the voice memo of her mom speaking about how she’s so happy that she is at a happy point in her life. I always love when artists use personal voice memos, voicemails, or phone calls in their songs because it lets the listeners connect deeper. It is the perfect way to end this album.

Everyone has their own opinion on Barrett’s new EP but one thing I think we can all agree on is that it is fantastic that there are more and more artists bringing back alternative pop-rock. This is a great first EP especially for someone who only released a few singles prior to this. People are so quick to judge because it is music from a “tiktoker” but I recommend giving it a listen with open and nonjudgemental ears.

RATING: 9/10

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