New additions to Café 101 and Starbucks for the Spring Semester

New York, NY
United States


1. Ramen Bar at The Grille The new ramen bar is located at The Grille next to the omelet station. I tried the new addition this week and was pretty impressed. For my ramen bowl, I chose the pork broth, pork belly for protein and scallions, spinach and mushrooms for my veggies. Overall, I really enjoyed the new station and would recommend it for a filling lunch or dinner option!

2. Frittatas, scrambled eggs and pastries at The Buffet For breakfast, The Buffet is featuring a variety of new choices. The frittatas are made with spinach, bell peppers and onions, the scrambled eggs now have cheese, the scrambled egg whites are made with veggies and there are new pastries such as warm cinnamon rolls and apple turnovers. I have yet to try these new options but I am excited to!

3. Nutella and berry dessert pizza at The Pizza Station If you love sweets like I do, you have to try the new Nutella and berry pizza at The Pizza Station! I am excited about this new addition because it reminds me of a Nutella and berry crepe, which are my favorite and I’m sure, some of yours too! The Pizza Station in Café 101 doesn’t have much of a variety of options to choose from so this is a refreshing addition to the menu.

4. Egg cups and chocolate hazelnut croissant at Starbucks Starbucks just added two new items to their menu! The egg cups are a great, source of protein when on the go, they’re small, delicious and perfect if you aren’t starving but need a quick pick me up! I am a huge fan of Starbucks’ butter croissant so I was excited to hear there was a new addition to the croissant family, chocolate hazelnut. Personally, I find the chocolate croissant to be too sweet for me so I like the addition of the nuts to balance out the sweetness of the croissant.