Nancy Drew on The CW


Once again, the creators of Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are back to bless us with a new enticing series: Nancy Drew. That's right; you heard me correctly. The young, pop-cultured female detective is back and better than ever with a haunting twist that'll have audiences tightening their grip on their blankets. Just as Riverdale gave us insane cults and Sabrina offered Satanists, Nancy Drew continues this dark trend by providing viewers with a genuinely terrifying ghost. This new adaptation is the perfect blend of Riverdale’s mystery and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s supernatural vibes, all in a town where nothing is ever as it seems.

It all starts when a fresh outta high school Nancy Drew (Kennedy McMann), who had recently given up sleuthing, has to work a late shift at the local diner, The Claw. There she encounters the horrid trust fund baby, Ryan Hudson (Riley Smith), and his equally sketchy trophy wife, Tiffany (Sinead Curry), which changes all the misfits' lives forever. The power goes out while everyone is inside the diner, and Tiffany Hudson is mysteriously murdered in the parking lot, instantly turning Nancy and her coworkers, with equally questionable pasts, into potential suspects. Nancy being the last person to see Mrs. Hudson alive, George Fan who was having an affair with Ryan, Ace the sketchy stoner that seems to know everything, Bess Marvin the supposed rich girl from the city, and Ned "Nick" Nickerson who just so happens to also be an ex-con because of Tiffany must all prove their innocence. All with valid motives as to why they would want Mrs. Hudson dead. Once again, Nancy has to dust off her magnifying glass to solve the case, which you think would be easy for the curious detective, but nothing is ever that simple. Not only does Nancy struggle to figure out whom to trust amongst her friends and family, but she also has to deal with the ghost of "Dead Lucy" -a  teenager crowned sea queen named Lucy Sable who had been murdered 20 years earlier and whose killer had not yet been caught. Not only does Nancy have the police breathing down her neck, but a ghost chilling her spine as well. Nancy struggles to figure out what Lucy wants and why, after all these years, she chose to haunt Nancy. All we know is that her parents may have been involved with the murder of Lucy, and Tiffany may have found something out, which was possibly why she was murdered. Whether or not this theory correct, you're just going to have to follow Nancy on the CW Thursdays nights to find out. I promise you won’t be able to look at this lady detective series the same way again.

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