Chi Omega Throw What You Know

My Freshman Recruitment Experience

Last year, going out for recruitment was one of the hardest challenges I had to overcome. Not only did I have to get over my anxiety, but I also had to go through the process on my own because none of my friends were interested. They had the sorority stereotypes shown on television and in movies stuck in their brains, causing them to avoid the whole thing. However, I wanted to give sororities a chance, so I decided to check them out during recruitment week. 

As I walked in that first night I could feel myself shaking with fear as my anxiety was starting to take over. I was worried that these sisters were only interested in recruiting girls they’re already friends with, making me feel like an even bigger outsider than I did on the first day of school. This feeling drastically changed as soon as I met the girls from all the different organizations. They made me feel comfortable as if I had a connection with all of them which took away all of my fears. I gained the courage to confidently be myself throughout the whole process instead of being someone I thought they wanted me to be. This allowed each organization the opportunity to recognize my personality and accept me for me.

After that, I was able to breeze through recruitment week without too much difficulty. My anxiety no longer clouded my judgment and my mind was open to all the opportunities that came with being in a sorority at Pace University. Not only would I be able to help many people with philanthropy events, but I’d regain the sisterly warmth I lost when I graduated from my all-girls high school. The only problem was choosing which sisterhood I wanted to enter. At the time, Phi Mu wasn't established yet, so it was between Kappa Delta and Sigma Delta Tau- two organizations with amazing women that aid extremely worthy causes. I felt at home with Kappas because of their values, but I also felt a deep connection with the Sig Delts’ energy. This made the decision of which sorority I wanted to join even harder, and yet I still made it. To this day I don’t regret choosing the one and only SIGMA DELTA TAU because they are the highlight of my experience at Pace. In addition to giving me my best friends in the world, Sigma Delta Tau continues to push me out of my comfort zone to become a better person and succeed in life, whether it be academically or professionally. These are things I will forever be grateful for and something I would not have been able to experience if I didn't fight my fears and come out to recruitment my freshman year. 

If you are interested in spring recruitment at Pace University, sign up here by February 18th!