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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

To my childhood bully- with your long dark hair and viper tongue

Your dark deep set eyes soulless and bleak- no window to the soul

Only darkness and anger lives behind them- great sorrow and pain is all you give

A life so unlived, so fragile and weak- you hurt others because pain is all you seek

You told me that my life was not worthy of living, my purpose was nothing, my soul would never find peace- only now do I realize it was yourself of which you speak

your family was unloving, your heart was a dark shade of black that’s why you exclaimed that my existence would never impact- your words cut like razors that you told me to dig into my

skin you weren’t so lucky my inner light refused to give in

You see my life is so worth living- I have a family who cares- I’m sorry that yours doesn’t and that you are so completely unaware

You shall never have power over me as you are far too weak- you wear a grimace on your face yes even when you sleep.

My soul will never be empty- it is filled with far too much love you will never hurt me again my heart has risen far above.




21 years old, New York City Psychology major, Neuroscience minor President of UN Women's HeForShe Chapter at Pace University Lover of poetry, creative writing, animals, and social justice