Miriam Peterson 

Name: Miriam Peterson

Year: Senior (’17)

Major: Double Major in International Management and Human Resources Management 

Minor: French Studies  Hometown: McMinnville, Oregon 

Best Place You’ve Traveled: “I’ve traveled to some really amazing places, but I have to say that the best place was Peru because I got to live there for a year. I was able to get to know the culture, the country and the people better than anywhere else that I’ve traveled.” 

One place you still haven’t been and need to go to: “There are so many places on my travel bucket list but one place close to the top is Thailand. I’ve never been to Asia and I’ve heard wonderful things about Thailand.”

Favorite Part of Being an RA: “My favorite part is the people that I get to work with. Both my staff, because John Street is the best, as well as my residents who are also the best. Being able to collaborate with people who have similar drive but very different perspectives has helped me to grow as a professional. I’ve also been able to find a really supportive group of people at Pace who have helped me get through the last few years of college.” 

What inspires you? “Sometimes the thing I’m most inspired by is other people’s passions. I obviously have things that I am very opinionated about but sometimes when I get to see others express their passions it allows me, as a curious person, to expand my own knowledge and interests and educate myself and become engaged with a new topic.”  

Post- Graduation Plans:  “TBA”

Favorite Memory from your freshman year at Pace: “My favorite part of being a freshman was getting to explore NYC. I had moved here from a small town and had always wanted to live in New York. I spent a lot of my freshman year going out and experiencing the city. I had a lot of moments of disbelief that I was where I was. I couldn’t believe that I had actually made it to New York. Even though I’ve been here for almost 4 years I try to keep in mind that feeling.” 

Fun Fact: I’ve been to 18 countries outside of the US.