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Miniseries: 1 AM Thoughts Forgotten

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

I wonder when it happened.

When did I stop staring at myself in the mirror hating my reflection?

When did I stop overanalyzing pictures that were taken of me?

When did I stop wishing that I could change everything about myself?

When did I stop caring about my “flaws”?

When did I stop letting others tell me how I should look or feel?

Whenever it stopped, I am grateful for it.

I do not remember the moment all I know is that I am happier now.

That moment when I stopped critiquing myself. 

Stopped trying to fit the standards of others.

Stopped trying to change myself.

That moment is when I finally felt free.

I hope that it lasts forever.

And I hope everyone has that moment where it all changes.

A moment that they cannot remember but will be forever grateful for. 

I am a Junior at Pace University studying Fine Arts and Business Management. I am the Vice President of Her Campus Pace University NYC. My email is jordanfisicarohc@gmail.com