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Mean Girls on Broadway: A Musical With A Message

Anyone who knows about me knows that I am a Broadway fanatic. As a dancer who’s been looking up to Broadway performers – and hoping to eventually become one – since age 11, I’ve attended enough shows to recognize the good, the bad, and the ugly in all of them.  When I first heard Mean Girls was coming to Broadway, I was extremely skeptical. Almost every show produced in the same Broadway season as Mean Girls was a remake of a previously produced movie, TV show, or musical, and those rarely fare well for long. Before seeing the musical I knew this show would have to be INCREDIBLE for me to watch it more than once. Surprisingly, I’ve seen it twice in just 3 months now… safe to say it is worth your time.

My skepticism originated from my love for Mean Girls the movie so much I was afraid Broadway wouldn’t do it any justice. Tina Fey (as usual) made magic by adding a sense of responsibility to the original Mean Girls plot. Not only does the audience get to laugh at the completely outlandish bullying schemes they recognize from the movie, but with the help of narrators Janice and Damien, the audience is forced to reflect on how close to reality these crazy schemes actually are. The movie Mean Girls subconsciously comments on how terrible girls treat each other at times without even realizing it, but the musical Mean Girls outright says it, and I LOVE that.

It’s so important for artists to have a message- it’s the reason I fell in love with performance in the first place. Having a full two and a half hours to think about how we can treat others more positively while listening to great music, watching incredible performers, and laughing a whole lot is a pretty amazing concept not found in many places other than live theater. This show is more than just a comedy with iconic lines and relatable situations; it’s a statement on how society needs to change that’s sung and danced rather than whispered. Not to mention the cast, sets, and Halloween costumes are ICONIC, and may still be an understatement.

If you want to see a show that makes you laugh, cry, and feel like you can conquer the world, Mean Girls is the show for you. Take it from a girl who’s seen 14 Broadway shows- if I’m willing to drop the money to see it twice in one year, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Who knows, you may even learn something new about yourself along the way.


Hi guys! My name's Megan Bishop! I'm Pace University's Her Campus treasurer and am currently majoring in Arts and Entertainment Management. I'm originally from Kansas City, MO, but am now OBSESSED with writing about anything related to New York! I love to dance, sing, cook, and exercise, and a fun fact about me is that I'm only 4'11" (:
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