To Me, Love Actually The Musical is Perfect

A playwright once told me that as writers we must exploit our fears to create meaningful stories. That is exactly what screenwriter, Richard Curtis did when he wrote the screenplay for the internationally beloved, Love Actually. Years later the writers of Love Actually: The Unauthorized Musical Parody touched on our fears of heartbreak, rejection, and loneliness once more, but through much more comedic methods. From the creators of The Office: A Musical Parody and Friends: The Musical Parody these artists blessed our lives once more back in November when performances of the new musical started. Never have I laughed as much as the night I took a trip into the loved laced streets of London atop a New York stage.  

Inside the Theater Center actor extraordinaire Kayla Catan, Joyah Spangler, Tony Tillman and a boatload more transformed a quiet theater into a roaring comedy club. All of our favorites from the film came to life in front of our very eyes. Though they were much more entertaining in this version while belting their most heartfelt desires, mimicking goofy British accents, and poking fun at Britain’s favorite rom-com stars, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. It was hard to find a moment of silence as audience members struggled to catch their breath with each passing joke. Harry Potter references even made it into the storyline, so there really was something for everyone. 

Unfortunately Love Actually: The Unauthorized Musical Parody’s run ended in January, but seeing their success (and maybe the power of social media begging) something tells me they’ll be back in time to be next Christmas’ favorite once again. If you haven’t seen this show I recommend the good jolly heck out of it. Tickets are reasonable, and every dollar is well spent. If you haven’t seen the movie then I suggest you join the rest of the world by sitting back, popping some fish and chips in your mouth, and opening your heart to each scene this loving film has to offer. By the end, you too might find that love actually is all around, even in New York City.