Looking for Coffee Options at Pace? These Are Your Best Bet!

         After my morning classes I’ll promptly go to our school cafe to get my daily dose of caffeine. It sounds like I’m obsessed but it genuinely gets me through the goals I set throughout the week. So what’s the key to being productive? Let me refer to it in three easy steps: inspiration, time, and coffee. That’s in no specific order because sometimes you may not have the first two when you already have your cup of joe in hand. Our cafe understands our needs and prioritizes our academic and social excellence, which is why they provide us with more than one option for our source of coffee. 

First things first, Starbucks. Yes, the Starbucks. With holiday and special editions, you will always have options to choose from. The line cuts through the entire cafe around common hour everyday, so be warned but not discouraged. Because of the demand, the staff is absolutely excellent! So much that we bumped up our letter from a B to and an A last semester. We are so proud of our school Starbucks! And it will always be our beloved campus hot spot and my favorite place to get my coffee mug collection. Thank you Chartwells! The closest thing to Boston in FiDi, is the famous Dunkin Donuts. Although there are less Dunkins within a 2 mile radius compared to the 2 Starbucks, per half mile, they have the best prices for the best coffee; that’s if you’re into sweeter beverages. At Pace you are able to find their bottled coffee in the flavors french vanilla, mocha, and original, at our cafe fridges. It may not come directly from our local Dunks but they do have the same delicious taste. Also, leave it to Chartwells to surprise us with another gem! Did you catch the bright, new, yellow addition to the cafe in the recent snaps and Instagram Highlights? Well let me tell ya, the Pace Community sure did. It was none other than a “Cafe Bustelo” coffee dispenser. Whilst many were in shock that our broken, beyond repair, smoothie machine was gone, I was happy I can actually have a piece of home close to me. Coming from a Hispanic household in the tri-state area, I knew exactly how beneficial this dispenser was going to be to our Pace Community. With options from hot and cold coffee, with or without milk, and even hot chocolate, its rich flavor is not one to disappoint. Our newest edition, reporting live from the cafe, is the McCafe coffee beverages I found chilling in one of our cafe fridges. I was really intrigued by McDonald’s contribution to our campus cafe by including the flavors mocha, caramel, and vanilla. McDonald's is also one of the biggest chains in the city which comes as no surprise. Sometimes we have to hit McD’s for some morning joe plus they are perfect for being on the run on a busy day!

One of the coolest things about being a Pace student is having access to our most beloved beverages. So next time you are daydreaming about sipping on your favorite iced coffee, just head down to the cafe and voila! Coffee at the tip of your fingertips. Try these options out and you may even have a new favorite. They most likely will not disappoint, even if it’s not Starbucks!