Lennon Stella “Love, Me” Concert Review

Manhattan, New York
United States

Girl goes from playing a rising music star on  TV to becoming one in real life- sounds like a plotline, right? Not for Lennon Stella. After a 2012 Youtube video of Lennon and her sister, Maisy, covering Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” went viral; they were cast on the hit TV show called “Nashville.” Even then, the sisters’ immense talent was clear (they’re both seriously amazing). At19, Lennon began her solo career. Her first EP, “Love, Me,” dropped last November and her fame has only skyrocketed since. Personally, I found out about her music through everyone’s favorite yeehaw queen, Kacey Musgraves, who posted her support of Lennon on her Instagram story. Flash-forward to March 26th and I was lined up in front of Irving Plaza in New York City, waiting to see Lennon’s concert.

As we filed into the room, the anticipation was evident. People, already in their Lennon merch, excitedly chatted about which songs they hoped she would perform as the stage was prepared for showtime. Their opener, an indie band was known as Valley, was a perfect choice. Their vibe and music blended seamlessly with Lennon’s own. Soon after, the crowd went berserk as lights flashed and Lennon took the stage to sing my personal favorite song, “Like Everybody Else.” The audience seemed to know every word as they swayed along. While this was one of her slower songs, it was a good opener because it was just her, a guitar, and the crowd (à la an early Taylor Swift). She went on to perform her other hits such as “Bad,” “Fortress” and “Breakaway,” to name a few, as well as some amazing unreleased music. Even the stage set-up was awesome (and insanely Instagrammable) with neon lights spelling out her name, as well as that of her EP, and pillar lights lit up the stage. The energy was insane- everything that she was giving to the crowd they were giving right back, screaming each lyric at the top of their lungs (everyone from teenagers to middle-aged people). While the atmosphere was upbeat and fun, there was one slight mishap; a fan was punched by another. Lennon stopped the music, had the crew switch the lights on, and spent a good amount of time talking to the person and ensuring they were okay. I was devastated when the final song (“La Di Da”) ended. We shuffled outside clutching merch, having lost our voices from singing along so loudly. However, the excitement didn’t end there. When I woke up the next day and checked my phone, I spotted a certain Instagram notification: “@lennonstella mentioned you in their story.” Turns out, Lennon shared two of my videos on her story and included one in her post about the NYC concert. Not only was I ecstatic (the definition of “shook”), but it goes to show how she cares about her fans. I’m not saying I think that we’re best friends now, but I think it’s pretty cool that she goes out of her way to interact with her fans- not every artist would do that. Overall, Lennon Stella has the voice of an actual angel and is fiercely talented. I can’t wait to see what she does next. Make sure to snag tickets to a show near you!