Leadership Series: An Unforgettable Weekend

         It’s difficult to pin down our absolute favorite things about our trip to D.C. From the snowstorm on our journey to D.C, our dinners, the museums, and the wonderful nature, we enjoyed every last bit of it. Most memorably, we made friends with leaders from Pleasantville's campus who shared with us their experiences as leaders. We will continue to stay in contact with these wonderful people who were a part of the experience of two collegiate worlds colliding. 

     The nationwide and worldwide civic responsibility people took upon themselves is not only inspiring but so impactful. After this weekend, we will continue to use these skills to enact our own forms of leadership in our community. We will also continue to speak for people without a voice and enact social change within our own community. This trip enabled us to consider the importance of gaining knowledge and being determined because no matter how small the cause, we can make a change. We also saw how leadership causes a ripple effect in which the smallest changes can turn into the biggest social movements. That is the message we are inspired to carry on.           A special thank you to our SDACA mentors who put together the leadership excursion. Their dedicated planning and guidance did not go unnoticed! We definitely feel better equipped as leaders now that we have attended this trip and will feel forever inspired by our great leaders.