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If you’re a fan of Lana Del Rey, you’ll know she’s very well traveled. Many of her songs mention the glamorous places she’s visited all over the country. Her new album gave us more knowledge of her favorite places.  If you’re looking for your new travel destination, look no further. This is your new travel guide, as told by Lana Del Rey’s released songs.

Let’s start with the great state of New York. The whole capital city is a must, including Brooklyn, of course. You’ll have to check out Coney Island and when you’re sick of city life, take a break in the Hamptons. 

Before going south, you’ll have to stop in Newport, Rhode Island.

Going south to Florida, Orlando is the first stop and you can’t forget Miami. The Florida Keys will be your next destination. Driving may be more practical, but if you have Lana’s budget, you’ll be flying on this vacation. 

LDR has been to every city on every coast, but sometimes she wants a change, so the Midwest is a must. You should come back to Arkansas and Tulsa, Oklahoma, then to Lincoln, Nebraska.

Lana isn’t one to linger in the boring parts of the US though, which is why Las Vegas is next. You’ll have to stop by the Casino Oasis.

Now get buckled up to go to the West Coast, Lana’s most mentioned region. More specifically California. Los Angeles and Hollywood, obviously, are going to be where you’ll spend most of your time. You’ll stop by Bel Air, Sunset Boulevard, Pico Boulevard, Wilshire Boulevard, Brentwood, and Laurel Canyon. You’ll probably be just looking at the expensive houses in some of these neighborhoods, so you can stay in the Chateau Marmont during this visit. Venice and Long Beach will be where you go to enjoy the West Coast waters. But we’re not done with the great state of California yet. If you time your trip right, you can make it to Coachella. San Francisco will be afterwards. For a more wholesome experience, Yosemite National Park will be your final destination in the US.

Still not satisfied? Get your passport and visa and visit Medellín.

Lana Del Rey enjoys her lavish life by going to beautiful, luxurious places. She mentions almost everywhere on both coasts of the United States, everywhere in between, and even somewhere outside the states. 

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