Jessica Raja

New York, NY
United States

Name: Jessica Raja

Nickname: Jesseek

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Age: 21

Major: Arts & Entertainment Management

                         Career aspiration?

                         I want to be able to provide for myself and a future family through my singing and work within the

                         music industry. I want to follow my dreams and become an internationally known singer / songwriter

                         and someday producer / manager and CEO of a record label. I want to do it all, however, my main

                         focus is the music. I want to share my gift with the world and sing across the nation and in other

                         nations , spreading emotion through music. Music is the one thing that has the power to unite everyone ,

                         no matter where they're from or what they believe in. Music makes the world go round.

                         Anyone who knows you knows you love to sing. Can you tell us about the

                         moment you knew music was your calling?

                         I’ve loved singing for as long as I can remember. I used to stand in front of my TV and imitate Beyoncé,

                         Michael Jackson and Britney Spears . I'd sing, dance and put on shows for my aunts in the living room.

                         I always knew I loved it, but I think when I was 16 was when I realized I needed to do it. That year I performed

                         my first ever talent show in front of my peers. I was terrified and didn't think I could do it but I sang with my heart

                          and soul and people were actually moved . The moment I saw tears in my mother’s eyes, I knew what I had was powerful.

                          I knew that I could move people’s emotions and that made the difference.

                         You have an account on SoundCloud where you publish your songs, which are

                         amazing, by the way. What do you hope people take away from your music?

                         I want people to be able to share whatever they want. Do whatever you want, whenever you want,

                         however you want to do it, all while spreading messages of respect and positivity to one another. I want to

                         be able to write a song for everyone. Even if I'm not going through that particular obstacle, I want to

                         write a song for somebody who might be going through it. I want people to know that they're never

                         alone and music can make things better.

                         Who, besides Jesse McCartney, would you love to share the stage with?

                         Alicia Keys!

                         How do you feel about the constant “competition over comradery” mindset in

                         the music industry, especially where women are concerned?

                         I think I can remain a sociable, kind and a good person all while being a part of the industry. Don’t get me

                         wrong, to be a woman in the music industry, you most definitely need tough skin and have to learn

                         not to take shit from anyone. I don’t think standing up for what you believe in and being persistent is losing your

                         comradery. We’re all in this business to gain success. I’ll be proud of competition and happy for them, but that

                         won’t stop my drive to succeed .

                         Any advice for aspiring musicians?

                        Do what you love wholeheartedly. A lot of people are going to doubt you and put you down, but it’s your job to

                        keep grinding until you get what you want. Persistence is key.

                        What artists do you think are going to take home Grammys this year?

                        Ideally, I’d love for an artist like Cardi B to win a Grammy for her #1 single, Bodak Yellow. I always believed in

                        supporting people who came from the bottom and grinded nonstop to get what they want. She “used to live in the P’s,

                        now it’s a crib with a gate,” and she wouldn’t have been able to make that possible for herself if she didn’t devote time and

                        effort in to getting what she wanted. Plus, I’m always down to root for a fellow New Yorka. I do think that Kendrick Lamar,

                        Travis Scott and DJ Khaled will be nominated as well. 

                        Check out Jessica on SoundCloud here