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Jesse McCartney Performs at Pace University’s Amaetur Night

Jesse McCartney and his beautiful soul performed at P.A.C.E. Board’s Amateur Night this past Thursday! Students began lining up outside The Schimmel Center around 4 pm for a chance to see the heartthrob in person. Once the doors opened and students found their seats, attendees got the chance to hear and see some of Pace University’s finest student performers. While the judges decided who won Amateur Night, Jesse McCartney put on a rockin’ show! He opened with his 2008 classic, “Leavin’,” which was followed by “Shake,” “Body Language,” and “She’s No You”. When he came to the end of his set-list, JMac thanked the audience and left the stage. However, fans knew his performance couldn’t be over until his 2004 classic, “Beautiful Soul,” was sung. As soon as he left the stage, the audience began chanting for an encore, to sing that one last tune…a request that he delivered. Our 2004 selves died a little inside when the iconic beat began playing and Jesse went at it. It was a great night filled with talented performers from Pace and the ultimate tween-girl heartthrob… JMac! 


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