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Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Like most people, I’m very much inspired by the creative accounts I follow on Instagram. From artists to bloggers, I love seeing the different ways people present themselves in the digital world. Check out my favorite Instagram accounts below!


1. KayKay Blaisdel


This California girl is everything many of us aspire to be: funky, creative, and influential. In addition to running an online blog with her best friend titled, Sugar & Spice, KayKay shares her art and poetry amongst other things on her Instagram.

2. Elsie Larson


This Nashville-based woman owns a lifestyle company alongside her sister titled, “A Beautiful Mess.” It’s no question she has such an aesthetically pleasing Instagram, as she and her sister have created two photo-editing apps: A Beautiful Mess and A Color Story! 

3. Ashley Tisdale


Many of us know Ashley Tisdale as a famous actress, singer, and producer amongst other things. If you don’t know her as an Instagrammer, however, you’re really missing out! Ashley’s retro theme is filled with pictures of herself, iconic models, and beautiful California cityscapes.

4. Taylor Edwards


While this Nashville-based girl is an aspiring musician, her Instagram doubles as an aesthetically pleasing Brandy Melville ad! 

5. Duan Mackenzie


This Brooklyn-based actress, YouTuber, and model’s Instagram is built around her old-fashioned styled photography! Whether it is pictures from her travels or pictures of her exploring New York City, you definitely want to give this cute and quirky Instagram a visit!

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