Idyllic Banana Bread On a Sparked Whim

Manhattan, New York
United States

On an idyllic banana bread induced whim, I posted on Instagram a screenshot of a recipe that I was DYING to re-create. It was vegan banana bread with COOKIE DOUGH baked inside and smeared on top. It brought a tear to my eye and a rumble to my tum. Maybe it was the photo, maybe the wording of the recipe, or maybe the 3 almost ripe bananas in my kitchen; I don’t know, but I was set on making this bread. I stated “who will make this with me” on my Instagram. My friend and “foodfluencer” Emily soon replied. Our relationship is magical; we have known each other since we were babies, but never talked much until we both made the great migration to New York. I remember our first friend date, over vegan pancakes--we clicked. I found it insane that went to the same high school but never crossed paths during that time. But never mind that, we soon realized that we were both obsessed with creating food-related content. And so, our weekly baking exploits were poised to begin.

We decided we would bake on a Monday. I arrived at Emily’s studio apartment with a pint of vegan cookie dough, 3 ripe bananas, and HUGE ass smile. I was ready to rumble but with no true idea of what was about to be in store. I just wanted banana bread and to have girl time. We both hadn’t baked in a while but always had a certain predilection for the art.

We adjusted the flour, sugar and cinnamon ratios to our heart’s desire. I was sweating the whole time thinking about what could go wrong. But nothing went wrong-- everything went RIGHT. Emily and I sat there at her table in awe of the magic we created. In awe of our intrinsic culinary power. In awe of our vegan banana bread with vegan cookie dough smeared on top. We realized that we had to do this every week.

Now, what you came here to see. Let me take you through our series of babies in order:

Banana Bread: The Catalyst

The one that started it all. Rich, gooey, banana-y. Messed me UP.

Cinnamon Buns: The Re-enforcer

We were in it for the long run with these buns. Instagram started to realize what was up. The yeast did not fully rise.

Smore’s Pie: The Stabilizer

We honed in our skills, re-evaluated our expectations. Settled in some ways, and over-achieved in others.

Cookie Skillet: The Prosper-er

Emily won free cookie dough this week. And I was having a rough week so Emily insisted like the angel she is to keep things simple and take the reigns.

Carrot Cake: The Jaw-Dropper

All I have to say is cream. Cheese. Frosting.

Lemon Bars: The Table Turner

Baking Monday was at my apartment for the first time. And it was a Thursday. Emily also saw me crumble; not the shortbread crust, but emotionally. The lemon bars were still a win although Emily couldn’t eat the buttery crust because of lactose.

*Credits to Emily Harris for all photos throughtout this article*