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‘iCarly’ Characters’ Zodiac Signs

iCarly has seemed to regain popularity after its recent release on Netflix and conversation surrounding a possible reboot/reunion. I, like many, have recently rewatched the show for the first time since it first came out. While doing so I couldn't help but guess each character's zodiac charts. Here are my guesses- let me know if you agree or not!

Carly - Libra Sun, Cancer Moon, Sagittarius Rising

Carly is a kind, extroverted and caring teen. Throughout the show she is an online celebrity (Sagittarius rising), great friend (Libra sun), but emotional (Cancer moon). Always trying to help, when this backfires it affects her deeply. 

Sam - Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon, Leo Rising 

I think many may assume Sam would be a Leo sun, for her huge personality and ability to lead the group stand out throughout the show. However, her sharp tongue and ambition are what shine through in her Scorpio sun. Sam's Aries moon is what I blame for the Freddie/Sam relationship wait. Almost like there was no need for feelings, Sam’s hard shell results in conflicting messages that her Aries moon may as be at blame for.

Freddie - Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon, Virgo Rising

Freddie’s Cancer sun is pretty apparent throughout the show. Freddie’s love for Carly is such a Cancer thing to do. The Carly Cancer Moon Placement is maybe why Freddie feels as if there is such a deep connection between the two. His Pisces moon, however, causes him to become wrapped up in his own feelings. As an earth sign lover, I’d like to think his Virgo rising placement is what brings his whole personality together. If not for Freddie, iCarly would never have happened. This placement is why he is so okay with spearheading everything behind the scenes. 

Spencer - Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon, Aries Rising

Spencer’s creative but unique personality automatically told me he has to be a Capricorn. Able to finish what he starts, the earth sign shines through. However his Scorpio moon bites him in the butt sometimes. He has a hard time staying in stable relationships, and when critiqued is quite sensitive. However his Aries rising is why he is such a great big brother. He’s a person you know you can rely on but at the end of the day, he’ll always be himself. 

Gibby -  Taurus Sun, Leo Moon, Aquarius Rising

Gibby is the textbook definition of Taurus; funny, loves food, and worked his way up to becoming a recurring character. The Taurus personality is undeniably a fan favorite. The Leo sun and Aquarius moon really aid him in standing out. He is a unique personality who is also a go-getter. At a party you always know where Gibby is- he's the center of attention. 

T-Bo- Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Cancer Rising

From tacos on a stick to managing a smoothie restaurant, there is no other place an Aquarius would want to be. A little crazy but never hurts anyone and usually is successful with his ideas! His Sagittarius rising makes him a fun friend to be around! However, he doesn’t usually get too emotional over situations so don't expect to cry it out with him. He will be there to lend a shoulder but his Cancer rising keeps him on his toes, full of bright ideas and innovative ways to live his life. 

Gillian is currently a senior at Pace University on the NYC Campus. She is originally from Baltimore, Maryland where she earned her AA degree at the Community College of Baltimore County. She is majoring in communications at Pace and loves writing as a hobby. Her favorite day of the week is Sunday and her favorite color is forest green. She also reminds you to recycle! She can be found on all social medias @jillrh02
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