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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

I know it may seem like a daunting task. Coming into a brand-new environment and not knowing a soul can be scary-but it is a lot easier than you think! Follow some of these ideas and tips to ease the stress of making friends.

  • Start with your roommate! This is the easiest way to start a relationship. Start simple and find some things you both like. Then invite them out to grab a bite to eat or even go on a walk together. Although it may be hard to go out and make friends, your roommate is someone you live with and hopefully, the easiest person to make friends with. I know I did!

  • Join clubs! Try Her Campus! We are a group of empowering and confident women who have become closer because of our similar interests. If you join clubs that interest you, you will be surrounded by people who share the same ideas as you do. Meetings and group activities are the easiest ways to stay connected and get to know people at school!

  • Join cultural activities and clubs! Pace in particular is a school focused on international students, therefore, we have organizations for just about every culture. Think you are missing your family, your food, or your culture? These clubs can bring you friends with similar upbringings and values, which can also give you that close feeling of home!

  • Join Greek Life! Although I am not personally involved, all of my friends love it. You automatically get sisters, hundreds of new friends to look to, and a big who will look out for you and give you advice!

  • Just put yourself out there! Although it may seem like the scariest of all, you just have to do it! Putting yourself out there can be something as simple as asking someone to eat with you in the cafeteria, or making a joke to someone in class. These little relationships can turn into the best friendships!

My endnote is that I made some of my best friends during my first year of college so never doubt yourself because college is a place for new beginnings and new friendships.



I am an elementary education and special education major with a minor in psychology at Pace University. I love singing, playing the guitar reading, writing, shopping, and eating. My dream in the world is to help kids with special needs and be there beacon of hope as well as to travel a lot to see what the world has to offer!