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Celina Timmerman-Oversized Tshirt And Cup
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How to Help Your Anxiety During The Coronavirus Pandemic

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

2020 has been off to a rough start. With COVID-19 shutting everything down, most of us are feeling anxious or scared. For out-of-state college students, like myself, it is an especially stressful time. Campuses are closing housing options, which leaves some stranded. Students are worried if their university will ultimately go online for the rest of the semester. As anxiety levels rise, here are some activities to hopefully ease your mind. 

Listen to Niall Horan’s New Album

Niall Horan just released his sophomore album “Heartbreak Weather” and it’s such a delightful experience. The album feels like the escape we all need, with everything from upbeat songs to slow love ballads. Leading up to its release on March 13, Niall had a residency on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” proving we all can rely on him no matter what is going on.

Do Your Online Homework

Yes, it’s not everyone’s favorite activity- but it is a necessity! While all majors are impacted differently, it still is important to attend those online lectures. Even if your professor is a bit older and can’t properly use a webcam, make it a habit to not fall behind. 

Stream On My Block Season 3 on Netflix 

If you do not know what On My Block is, let me introduce you to one of the best Netflix series out there right now. No spoilers for seasons 1 or 2 but they are action and comedy packed. Season 3 was just released, so go support original, high-quality content. 

Move Your Body

Whether it’s a quick walk outside or pumping iron in your campus’s gym, it is essential to keep yourself healthy- both mentally and physically. While we all sit on our online lectures or watch TikToks, remember to move a little- especially as it can help relieve stress. Just make sure to use precautions like wiping down equipment before and after using it. 

Remember Things Will Get Better 

We should all be taking this virus as seriously as we can. Whether you are vulnerable or wanting answers, we all have to stay strong and protect ourselves. Give yourself some breaks from the media and reach out to campus counseling centers if needed. Stay in contact with your friends, family, and local officials to know what is the best course of action for you. This virus is incredibly scary but just know that it will get better and it’s critical to practice self-care during all of this. 

Be sure to follow reliable sources to stay updated on COVID-19. Stay healthy!

Hi everyone! I'm Alysa and I am the former Campus Correspondent for HC Pace NYC. I majored in Communication Studies and minored in Sociology & Anthropology and Arts & Entertainment Management. Within my articles you can find everything I love to write including, pop culture, sports, politics, and my personal NYC experiences! Feel free to connect with me on my socials!