Her Campus Pace Takes on College Fashion Week

Manhattan, New York
United States
This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Saturday, October 20, Her Campus hosted their 8 th annual College Fashion Week in Brooklyn, NY. College Fashion Week is about bringing inclusion and realness to the runway. All of the models who walked in the show were real, college women, wearing styles that made them feel empowered and fabulous.

This year the sponsors of the event were Primark, Ulta, Almay, eos and Sabre. My Her Campus team from Pace University was lucky enough to get to attend this year’s event. First, we took the subway to the venue BKLYN Studios. Once we walked through the door, we received goodie bags filled with samples from various brands partnered with Her Campus. The samples included, makeup and hair products from Ulta Beauty, The Diva Cup, eos chapstick, steripod toothbrush protector, Primark gift card, Pop Chips, Hangables and so much more!

Somehow the night got even better from there. Inside the venue, there were so many cute photo opportunities that made for great Instagram pictures. One photo spot was a series of rooms that were designed as closets that you could take your picture in. Another was an eos ball pit filled with eos lip balm. There was also an Ulta and Sabre photo booth, that had the best background and cutest props. In addition to the various photo opportunities, there was also an Ulta hair and beauty bar where experts could give you your own personal makeover for the night. Eventually, it was time for the main event-the runway show. Various brands were being showcased so the show was divided into different segments. The shows were Modern Nomad featuring Primark and Printed Paradise, MATTER with Primark, and Power Pose featuring hcxo.shop, Ali & Ariel, Feminist Goods, Femininitees, and Sleep Riot with Primark. All three shows were amazing! Not only were the clothes fabulous but all the models really rocked the runway.

College Fashion Week is hosted by Her Campus so throughout the night we got the chance to meet members from other chapters. It was interesting to find out that a lot of people traveled so far to make it to the show. We just had to take one, short subway ride. As the night was coming to an end, our team got the chance to meet the amazing co-founders of Her Campus: Windsor Western and Annie Wang. This was an amazing opportunity.

Overall, College Fashion Week was so much fun. Plus, our chapter ended the night with an IHOP dinner. What could be more satisfying? College Fashion Week was a wonderful experience and I am so glad that I got to share it with my team. I am looking forward to seeing what College Fashion Week will bring next year and hopefully I can experience it with everyone again!