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Her Campus Invited Me to Play Truth or Dare!

Blumhouse’s latest release, Truth or Dare, directed by Jeff Wadlow, starring Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey, was set to release Friday, April 13th. Her Campus Pace members, however, got to join in on the action early! On Tuesday, April 10th, Her Campus Pace and Universal Pictures at Pace partnered together to show an advanced screening of the film.

Days prior to the screening, Her Campus Pace held a tabling event where interested students could sign up for tickets and play pong with Truth or Dare- themed cups and balls, for a chance to win free t-shirts. Both being styled to the theme of the film, one was a traditional t-shirt in light red. The t-shirt is super soft and has great quality. The other option was a gray, racerback tank top. Normally these kinds of shirts don’t fit me well because of my small figure, but this one was a perfect fit! We also gave away Truth or Dare- themed pens and the pong sets themselves.

On the day of the event I showed up early to ensure I got a good seat. My worries vanished when a friendly Her Campus leader informed me that Her Campus members had V.I.P. seating in the theater. While waiting on line, Universal and Her Campus volunteers entertained the crowd with a game of truth or dare where participants received goody bags with Truth or Dare cups and information about the two organizations. Others walked around with decorated Truth or Dare picture frames that made for fun photo ops. The wait to be seated was not long; before I knew it I was comfortably seated in my Her Campus V.I.P. seat with a perfect view of the screen. The seats were decorated with Her Campus V.I.P. signs and goody bags filled with Truth or Dare tank tops, ping pong balls, and cups. Before the movie began, Universal and Her Campus leaders gave away a t-shirt and limited edition full-sized Truth or Dare poster to the audience member who could tell them how many seasons of Pretty Little Liars there were in honor of the film’s star, Lucy Hale. In case you were wondering, the answer was seven!

The film centers around a group of college students who go to Mexico for spring break, but bring back a mysterious entity attached to the game of truth or dare they played while away. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and can’t wait for its release on demand and DVD. It’s a creepy story that could entertain me again and again. Each character underwent some sort of development throughout and the storyline itself was solid. If you are a fan of the horror genre, definitely take the time to give this film a watch. Despite the concept being creepy, however, I wouldn’t say the film was scary or horrifying, so if you’re not a fan of horror films I still recommend giving it a watch. You won’t be disappointed!

My terrific experience with the advanced screening, thanks to Her Campus and Universal Pictures at Pace, was enhanced by the atmosphere they created. The constant giveaways and V.I.P. seating got me excited and made me feel included. Had it not been for their great efforts in providing a memorable experience, Truth or Dare may have just been added onto my list of alright horror films I’ve seen, but now it’s a movie attached to a fun memory that I’ll never forget! 

Hi, I'm Amanda! I'm from Long Island, New York. Writing is my greatest passion. I plan on turning my love for the written word into a career within the film industry.
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