Halloween Treats You Can Make in Your Dorm Room

New York, New York
United States


Do you want to make cute Halloween treats right from your dorm room? These five Halloween recipes will allow you to do just that. The following treats are so simple they can be done in five steps or less. Enjoy!


Witch’s Hat



-Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies


    -Hershey Kisses



  1. On your cookie, pipe frosting on to center of the cookie.

  2. Place the Hershey Kiss on top of the frosting.

  3. Pipe frosting in a band around the Hershey Kiss.


Magic Wands



-Pretzel Sticks





  1. Take your pretzel rod and dip it into the frosting (smooth out the frosting with a knife if needed.)

  2. Then, roll the frosting covered pretzel in the sprinkles.


Oreo Spiders




-Mini pretzel sticks

-M&Ms or Edible Eyes



  1. Break your mini pretzel sticks in half.

  2. Take your Oreo and insert four pretzels into the cream filled center of the Oreo creating eight spider legs.

  3. Dab some frosting on top of the Oreo so you can stick two M&Ms or edible eyes (whichever you prefer) on to the cookie.


Bat Bites



-Mini Reese’s Cups

-Thin Oreo Cookies


-Edible Eyes



  1. Remove the wrappers of the mini Reese’s Cups.

  2. Separate the Oreo and break each side in half. Make sure you scrape (or eat) the cream from the middle.

  3. Pipe or dab frosting on to the sides of the Reese’s Cup.

  4. On top of the Reese’s Cup, pipe or dab frosting to make edible eyes.


Monster Eyeballs



-Miniature Reese’s Cups or Oreo Cookies

-Vanilla Frosting

-Chewy Lifesavers

-Black Frosting or Gel



  1. Take your mini Reese’s Cup or Oreo cookie and spread the vanilla frosting on the top.

  2. Place the chewy Lifesaver in the middle of the frosting.

  3. Take your black frosting or gel and fill in the middle of the Lifesaver.